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Can't access bank OR Alliance tab for settlement OR training above 9

Brighthaven Leader
Just to post here:

Vaults, and crafting can not be accessed outside of NPC settlements and Home settlements. Alliance tabs aren't working for settlement leaders. Training for all settlements has been reduced to 9, and all feats have reverted to level 9.
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So I understand why i can't train that lvl 11 feat…
Dazyk of Phaeros
I think it should be clarified that feats have been capped, not reverted. You will never lose your feats, ever; you will just lose access to them until your settlement can provide the appropriately levelled support.
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The "training level" of settlements will be back to normal tomorrow after the maintenance hour.
At least it says so, on the holding tabs, when you put your mouse over the number of towers you have.
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