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I think it was already fixed Doc.

if not, then when it is, i may be able to get into charge range before people notice me smile
I saw nothing in patch notes about a fix to stealth. Can we get a confirmation on this?
afaik, the only changes to stealth were to NPCs's perception, really.

And as a Rogue 12 with 143 Stealth and 103 Perception, I am always very interested in seeing improvements to Stealth.
Two months passed, can somebody official or knowledgeable chime in to confirm or deny if Stealth has been fixed to provide the appropriate amount of stealthiness vs. other characters' Perception rating?
Well, I know you can disappear from the mini-map if you are in stealth mode. Not even party members can see you on that map.
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Duffy Swiftshadow
It has not, still pretty broken and useless
Won't let this thread die.

Here is an evaluation/test of stealth capabilities in game today (EE10)

In the screenshot comparisons, you see the moment where visibility popped of a stealth character, one is 20 Stealth vs. 10 Perc and one is 100 Stealth vs 10 Perc. Sceenshots taken and lined up so you can see the difference in closeness you can achieved based on the corresponding skill differentials.

Full size pic (
Yeah, the pictures speak for themselves. The difference is so minor that it is almost meaningless. What do you estimate the difference is - less than 5 meters, if that?
Caldeathe Baequiannia
100 stealth is likely only 1/3 of the way to where the theoretical max will be, when assorted equipment, skills, enchantments, and buffs are in effect. That all being the case, I think 5 metres at 100 stealth is not at all out of expectations for this game. The devs have been 100% clear that you will not ever be able to attack from complete concealment. It just isn't going to happen. Characters will always have agency to act. They have also been clear that the only way to keep you off the minimap without providing an easy advantage to cheaters is to not tell the client that you are there, and that has too many repercussions for how area of effect is handled. A large portion of stealth is being handled by making you immune to targetting, even when the person knows you are there. A possibly more useful comparison (in terms of pathfinder online) would be how close those two stealth characters have to be before you can click target them.
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I don't think it meets expectations for what the Dev's think it should be, based on this:

-Stephen Cheney-
So we tested Stealth in the office today and determined:
Stealth is absolutely reducing the distance at which you can be perceived.
It's reducing it by significantly less than expected.

200 Stealth vs. 10 Perception should let you get to 26.5% of your normal visibility, and it's only letting you get to about 50%. Equal Stealth vs. Perception should let you get to 55% of your normal visibility, and it's only letting you get to about 80% or 90%.

So that's getting bugged presently.
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