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The Free Settlers - Recruiting Independent-Minded Players from Casuals to PFO Junkies

The Free Settlers, an independent company in association with the Emerald Lodge settlement, is now accepting Applicants.

The Emerald Lodge is a politically neutral neutral-good settlement centrally located in the middle of the action between two major powers, near the center of the map, which has a unique position right next to the Emerald Spire, Pathfinder Online's first dungeon to be explored. It's the perfect location for merchants, shippers, crafters, explorers, dungeon delvers, PVEers, political power players, or just independent or casual players who want a good spot in the middle of the map where they can quickly get to wherever they need to be in the world.

The Free Settlers – exact in-game spelling: "The Free Settlers" – is a Company formed to give independent players a place to call home. Whether you enjoy the idea of being a politically independent or individualist force in the world or you just aren't interested in the politics of Pathfinder Online or need some more time to figure out which settlement is right for you, The Free Settlers will offer any non-bandit player full training support through the Emerald Lodge settlement. As a politically neutral entity, the Emerald Lodge believes it is important to provide this kind of support to independent players, even independent of the Emerald Lodge itself, and so they've agreed to sponsor The Free Settlers.

This might be the perfect Company for you if:

- You wish to remain free and independent but need to be a part of a settlement for training purposes.

- You're not interested in the politics of Pathfinder Online and are looking for settlement support from a company that will not pressure you to become involved in that way.

- You ARE interested in the politics of Pathfinder Online and want to help protect a neutral entity or forge your own path as an independent, or possibly create your own settlement in the future.

- You are not interested in joining a giant settlement or one of the major powers or working under strict rules, but wish to be part of an underdog group that's just large enough to have a fighting chance.

- You want to make a name for yourself as an individual merchant, trader, crafter, adventurer, or soldier, living and dying by your own sweat rather than depending on a group.

- You are a casual player or a player who wants only the occasional help and support of a fellow traveler rather than the full backing of a large group and any expectations that may come along with it.

- You are interested in exploring the Emerald Spire as part of an independent company.

- You are an explorer at heart, and you believe that a small group of independent players can build something meaningful together… and stand together to defend it.

- You think the man wearing the jester cap looks wise and the man wearing the crown looks like a fool.

What The Free Settlers expects of its members:

- We are a neutral group leaning towards good. We accept all comers, but we do not allow banditry.

- As a company under the umbrella of Emerald Lodge, we are expected to follow their rules, which can be found here. We respect Emerald Lodge's political neutrality and though we consider ourselves a separate entity, we will not drag the Emerald Lodge into conflicts through our actions. The possibility for meaningful PVP still exists (especially after the Cataclysm) in the form of settlement defense and the possibility for policing/bounty hunting or even mercenary work, but if you wish to engage in these activities, you should have enough political savvy and communication with EL to make sure not to pull EL unwittingly into war.

- Aside from this small set of reasonable expectations, The Free Settlers are just that, completely free to play the game where and how and with whom they wish.

- We expect you not to be a jerk. We don't want jerks. We don't have to define jerks. If you don't know how to not be one, I'm very sorry. We can discuss individual lessons if absolutely necessary.

What members can expect from The Free Settlers:

- Freedom. Within the game's terms of service and the company's rules, you have the freedom to associate, trade, or worship whomever you choose. You have the freedom of speech. You have the freedom to come and go as you please. You have the freedom to play the game however often and in whatever way you wish. You have no obligation to provide any support or materials or funds or recipes or items to your company (as it has no responsibility to provide them to you).

- A vote. You will have a say in major company decisions. This will be especially important when it comes to spending our company's Influence on support facilities. While we want to contribute to the success of the Emerald Lodge as a whole (and definitely do NOT want to spend our Influence on redundant facilities), we will base our Influence expenditures on our members' needs and our members' votes.

- Support. We are not obliged to offer substantial material support to our members, but within the bounds of our capabilities (and possibly requiring gathering your own raw materials, depending on availability), we will provide refining and crafting services, especially to new players in tier 1, and may provide finished goods or recipes as we see fit and are able. (My own alts are capable of most of tier 1 and will eventually be capable of all tier 1 refining for this purpose.) Members of the company are under no obligation to offer other kinds of support, such as answering questions about the game or coming to a player's defense in a time of need, but are strongly encouraged to do so. The leadership will always do so when available. Anyone at Officer rank is expected to offer any reasonable non-material support they can while they're in-game and available.

- Punch and pie.

Above all, we hope to create a group of people who are supportive, friendly, and just an all-around good group to be a part of… a group that will leave you alone to play the game how you want to play it, or provide a good pool of pickup players to form parties for PVE, or come to the aid of their fellow Settlers when they need it, not because they have to, but because they choose to. To apply for this settlement, just type "/vcapply The Free Settlers" in-game. Thanks for reading. Let's keep the River Kingdoms free!
Welcome Bill to The Free Settlers!
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