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Topic Views

Currently, the "views" number is based solely on number of times the page is loaded by a browser. Re-visiting the same topic should not count as an additional view. There are several ways to correct this, but it will take an extra bit of programming on the forums here.

(e.g. in a matter of about a minute, I just racked-up over 200 views on this topic)
I'm pretty sure thats how 'views' work in every forum.
Taylor Hainlen
It's the 'cheap' way to calculate views Valkenr. There are other ways to calculate them that take in to account unique views or unique per time segment(so one user checking every day still counts but one user spamming the page every second counts as just one). In the future it's likely to change, Kitsune, but for now we are trying not to spend too much time on the forum tech itself as we have plans for a complete overhaul in the future when character based posting comes in.
Taylor Hainlen
… when character based posting comes in.

I think you just made my day.
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