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Visual and Written Cues for Paths

Fair enough, I was just saying in Eve, the cert section is separate from the skills. But I can see what you mean and it would work.
I haven't played EVE, but it sounds like what you're asking for is indeed identical to what's in-place already. For the most part, the level achievements of "Rogue 2" and "Fighter 4" are nothing more than fluff. However, there are some feats that do require "Fighter 4" so they are not completely fluff. Such feats would be restricted of course to those who have spent the time dedicating themselves to one specific Role for so long.

I'm both supportive of such requirements, and also against them. I suppose it depends on what feats have these requirements, and which don't. For example, I would sort-of expect that Stealth 15 would require something like "Rogue 10".
The UI does not provide enough information within the game.
Lo, the mighty Oak. Just a little nut who stood his ground!
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