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Tech feedback from Buddy Key visitors

Also remember that regardless of what video card you have, certain AMD CPU's will not run the game very well either. I have a brand new $200 video card and the game still runs at 16fps and hot. If they are running the FX series of the AMD chips, that may also be a cause.

Would be a good idea to let potential players know this game does not run on a Mac or AMD FX series chip.
If they are running the FX series of the AMD chips, that may also be a cause.

Yeah, I've pretty well beaten this horse to death in previous posts (sorry, to lazy to look them up), but trying to run the game on AMD FX chips is a joke. Even my tiny little HTPC with an i5-4590S without a dedicated graphics card can run the game better than any AMD FX computer I've ever tried installing the game on - with or without dedicated graphics cards of up to 2GB graphics memory.
Dazyk of Phaeros
Aww crap. I guess that is why I get terrible frame rates. This is the first I'm hearing of this problem with fx chips. Anyone have any tips for fixing/overcoming this limitation?
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Buy Intel.

So far this game has costed me well over 3000$ to play.

$100 for Early Enrollment.

Bought a new video card for $200 and it didnt fix the issue. (due to AMD Chip not compatible with game).

Bought a brand new Mac Book Pro for $2800 with a 2gb video card and it wont run due to the game not being compatible with new Macs.

Bought a new motherboard and Intel Chip for $250 - Problem solved.
Tink says Stab
"Bought a brand new Mac Book Pro for $2800 with a 2gb video card"

You have no idea how much those words, in that order, hurt me.
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Fanndis Goldbraid
5) Graphics are not optimized (GW knows this). The game burns hot in PCs and has reportedly fried some players PCs. The temp gauges in my own PC show it hot so I need to shutdown periodically to let the heat disperse

This game heats my graphics card more than any game I've played.
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I've been using the app that comes with my motherboard to monitor temp. I keep my PFO window pretty big. Recommendations for a good alternative that will display current cpu, motherboard, and GPU while PFO running without having to change windows?
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Caldeathe Baequiannia
I've been running Open Hardware Monitor recently, but it runs in its own window (which works for me as I have two monitors). To get all sensors, you might need to run it with admin access.

Running PFO on my Desktop quickly pushes the CPU from around 45C to 90C. If I run a couple of clients at once, it hits 95C to 100C (boiling point of water) very shortly.
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Caldeathe Baequiannia
On the other hand, CoreTemp will send the temperature data to your Android or Windows phone, so you can see it from anywhere. Looks like setup might take some work, but could be useful for full-screen users.
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I know that my CPU gets a bit warm at times, but I'm actually using the stock cooler on my overclocked i7-4790K (Devil's Canyon - I love the name of it). No major heat issues - seems to keep below 50C in even the worst circumstances.

Then again, I'm using the original Antec Skeleton (open-air) case.
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