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Arcanist SWORD?

I enjoy the wide open flexibility; this game is almost classless.
I can make a Dexterity based fighter, Experiment with weapon combinations, and more.

I am asking for a "Spell blade" Feat of some kind.
The idea is to allow the feat purchaser to use a sword as a spell casting implement.

Also, Please add Armor Spell Failure chance, and feats that help a "Tank Mage" overcome it.
Is there anything you don't want to see in game chad? Many things in progress already…have patience.
I am asking for a "Spell blade" Feat of some kind.

They still have the rest of the Core Classes to do before they start branching out to things like an Eldritch Knight smile
Nihimon murmurs in sheer ecstasy as the magic courses through his veins
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