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Plan for Early Enrollment v6.3

Ryan Dancey
Update 2: 3 April: Team reports that if you were in the game prior to 3:21pm (Pacific) you will need to run the relog and run the Patcher to access the Marchmont areas. You may experience a client crash if you enter those areas without having Patched first.

Update: 3 April: Release notes for Early Enrollment v6.3 have been posted.


We are currently testing Early Enrollment v6.3, which is going to address some of the residual issues with the Early Enrollment v6 environment.

We are testing this update now and we plan to deploy it tomorrow on Friday 3 April during normal downtime. If, for any reason, we delay the deployment of the update, I will update this thread to keep you informed.

We will have complete release notes ready for you when the update has been applied. In advance I can tell you that we are planning to fix an issue with attaching Companies to Settlements, dealing with the issue of characters resurrecting in a broken state, and altering the geography of Thornkeep so that all the Crafting & Refining facilities are in the same Hex as the Thornkeep Bank building (and moving anything in the inaccessible Vaults in the other two Hexes into the usable Hex Vault.)
Great! Really looking forward to having those bugs fixed and really excited about not having to work around them until EE7.

Any potential that party mechanic bugs might sneak onto the list by then as well?
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Dazyk of Phaeros
Is this an April Fool's?
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Ryan Dancey
Updated: 6.3 now scheduled for Friday 3 April.
Lisa Stevens
Dazyk of Phaeros
Is this an April Fool's?

We don't fool about stuff like this. smile
Will 6.3 fix the Mac bug in 6.2 where the program dies within 30 seconds of trying to launch? I have only been using Mac version this week. First it ran for a few minutes, but ultimately, it died before the location was displayed.
I seriously wonder how these so-called fixes are being tested. It's obvious that testing on the 'Test Server' is a complete and utter FAILURE!!! And worse is the test server is there to find these problems so they can be fixed BEFORE a coming to the Live Server. It's one thing for a bug or two to pop up – but this bad?!? We seriously need someone at Goblinworks to start stepping up and doing what is RIGHT around here. I don't care if Ryan Dancey says it's not a show stopper. I've heard from many players who are mocking that very comment. We, the players & Backers. Seriously DO NOT AGREE!!! And, oh my, how many Head Starters who started on Wednesday who probably don't think its worth it to play either. And I wonder why there are way to few of players around … Oh wait … Yes I Do.

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MC1 Donald P. Rule, USN(FR)
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Ryan Dancey
We remain on schedule to deploy 6.3 tomorrow during normal downtime. You will need to run the Patcher when you log in tomorrow after 10:00am!
Caldeathe Baequiannia
I seriously wonder how these so-called fixes are being tested. It's obvious that testing on the 'Test Server' is a complete and utter FAILURE!!!
Complete and utter is a bit strong. There's a lot going on. The test server has a tiny population, and can not replicate every condition. People don't have enormous bank listings, and aren't traveling as much to do things in places that aren't their own. Some issues require the presence of a large enough group of people interacting to trigger events, and those aren't happening on the test server.

We need PC settlements on the test server (at least two, preferably six, so that every role can exist and "Enemies" can interact). We need more people, we need more "stuff" and we need to get more characters leveled higher. But most people, even if they are on the server, aren't going to spend the same amount of time and energy there. It will be come a better predictor over time, but at the moment, it's not an adequate predictor. It is, however, catching some things. Almost every deployment Nihimon (if not several others) posts stuff they find on the test server that gets adjusted before deployment. What we need is a whole bunch of other people willing to do the same thing, and spend some time testing.
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Amount of people playing is less than the population of some Ultima Online freeshard. No wonder test server is empty.

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