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Pathfinder University Is Moving!

While typing "temporary answers while waiting for Hoffmann", he ninja'ed me.
Hoffmann is the official voice.

Towers: yes/no. The tower ownership i think will be retained but the ability (if any) to defend them will plummet.

Training: short term: same rules as all other settlements (but we are becoming a crafting settlement). Longer term: still same rules as all other settlements.
The big point here is that students can do all their basic training in Thornkeep and the Settlement training will mainly for supporting the faculty. Like for every other settlement, it will be impossible to support every class. (See the great opportunity for recruiting people just at the moment their skills become interesting?)

As for exactly which trainers we will build, there will be a catfight or other process to determine that when we actually get there.

Politics: this is the big issue, indeed. Part of the story is that GW is not going to give us any mechanical advantages, but they will promote open, regular events hosted by any company. Some of the devs have devious minds and are absolutely thinking about how to keep their hands clean in the scenario where PFU suddenly turns into a competitive group. To my understanding GW would not intervene in any way to prevent us from being squashed by other groups. PFU will keep operating completely independent from GW with the only changes from status quo being the physical settlement location and some official advertisement for events and the golarion mumble.

If you want to teach classes, host events, or get your own room on the mumble, all those things are very easy to arrange and would make lots of people happy.

Lisa forgot to mention that they have plans for a guide program. That program will be operated by GW, not PFU, with no formal attachment although we of course expect overlap of people.
Foxglove - of Pathfinder University (PFU/Riverbank)
Silkworm - of Phoenix Industries (TEO/Brighthaven)
On these boards I never speak for TEO, only for myself or PFU. Contact me if you want to hold a guest lecture for PFU
The area they are being moved to was never designed to support another player settlement.

Is this correct? It was my impression that every settlement hex on the map - the ones with the geography/terrain matching player and NPC settlements - was actually specifically intended to hold a future player settlement. Not for the land rush, but down the road.
At some point, crowdforging suggestions seem to be like fan fiction. Some good, some bad, some repetitious and predictable. But maybe there are some gems out there.
Huzzah for PFU!
Fanndis Goldbraid
Forgeholm fully supports Pathfinder University moving to their new home! We are quite familiar with that territory and gladly surrender the tower near "Olde Kindleburn" in exchange for getting the chance to work with PFU, its staff, and its students. Hoffman and other staff members need but ask and Forgeholm will help the students as much as possible as they learn the ropes and the intricacies of the Pathfinder Online game systems. It is an exciting time to be in game and see the changes and growth!

Fanndis Goldbraid
PFU Drothar
I will be very angry if Ogg manages to find his way across that map… Nice to see the support from everyone! I look forward to future events with our new neighbors!
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As a player from Forgeholm but not of the leadership I have the following concern, resources in our area that were uncontested for months are now going to have huge numbers of players vying for the same spots. I know we were a little advantaged in that regard but now being faced with the opposite issue seems a bit unfair. If the town is going to be moved I think some resources should be moved as well.
@Jakaal, yes, the movement of the U seems somewhat arbitrary and your bounty of resource hexes will be more constrained. There will be winners and loser in any change. We have been told for some time that the starter towns will eventually go away and new characters start in Thornkeep (and Fort Inevitable, when launched, iirc). It makes sense to have the U near TK.

On the negative side, your southern border is blocked by NPCs and neutrals and you can't expand that direction. On the positive side, it's now very unlikely that Brighthaven will push through the U and conquer you. There are probably other positives.
At some point, crowdforging suggestions seem to be like fan fiction. Some good, some bad, some repetitious and predictable. But maybe there are some gems out there.
I'd have thought it would be less disruptive to relocate PFU to one of the (former) starter towns.
Caldeathe Baequiannia
Kindleburn was a starter town, once upon a time. Once Thornkeep is the spawn town, none of the other starter towns will be especially close.
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Yea… As a member of Forgeholm, I to have a ton of concerns. I overall support PFU's idea as a place for training but mobbing next to Thornkeep is not as obvious as an idea as everyone else thinks.

Did PFU get favoritism to be next to the original starting towns? NO!!! Those who choose to learn at PFU had to do like any other new player and move map-wide to their Settlement. Now GW has already affected politics by giving PFU to clear advantage over any and all new players … Especially in a game w/ virtually non-existant population that is hampering every Settlement in this game that is barely breathing on life support. Riverbank was part of Land Grab and now moving PFU to such a great and strategic location has undermined the choices every other Settlement had.

GW also continues to allow PFU to enlist new members to stay for 90 days which is far more than necessary to complete PFU's stated purposes. This game is barely over 90 days into Early Enrollment which places meant already far into Tier 2. People in 90 days are already at Rank 11 crafting … And oh-so-close to Tier 3. Just this week I know of someone who has already found a level 19 recipe. If GW is going to have any support to PFU which they would not to any other Settlement than this 90 days must be lowered to no more than 45 days … Possibly to 30.

The 90 days … Along w/ the faculty being a part of PFU … Has already given the PFU Dean a swollen head to demand control of the only 2 Monster Hexes that were up until now seem as part of Forgeholm… This goes on top if the Monster Hex already close to PFU. Why does a Settlement whose very purpose to train new players need to gain control of everything in a huge triangle?

The Faculty is the other concern. PFU always states they are completely supported by the entire community. I do NOT agree that the staff, teachers, etc should be actually attached to PFU … To be completely neutral and to best serve their stated purposes that should still belong to their original companies and supported by their Home Settlements. Once again … Allowing the staff … Who are mostly made up of Alts from other Settlements and/or Volunteers from the community to join the PFU Settlement undermines the neautrality of PFU … Which also means further supported politicization by GW w/ their support to move PFU to such a statically placed location which will clearly undermine the legitimacy of any other Settlemenr which was forced to work w/ what they could get in the Landgrab and must continue to deal and/overcome w/ for a very long time until GW gets off their Arse and brings in Settlement construction and/or the ability for us to move and take over wherever the rest of us feels we can take.

Furthermore…. The Deans disrespectful comments are an insult to the Free Highlands and not a place in any kind of announcement of a GW-Supported move when you said protecting up from Brighthaven … Especially when most of the very public supporters of PFU come from the Xilias Empire – and you claim you are indeed Neutral?!?
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