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Pathfinder University Is Moving!

Khorvak McTiernan
Congrats Hoffman & PFU. Hope to swing by the new University Commons and say hello to folks this weekend at some point. smile
Congratulations on the move. I am personally very happy with the location and welcome our new neighbours. I look forward to helping new PFU members learn the game as well as leading escalation parties.

I have also put in a quick update to to include the University Commons. I will update it again to include company swaps and towers for Riverbank and the new Uni.
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PFU Hoffman,

I apologize for the personal and inflammatory attacks on behalf of one of Forgeholm's members, he does not speak for the leadership or the settlement, and he is expressing his personal views. He does bring up some points of concerns that many of our members have (as per on our ongoing debate on our forums), but there is no need for hostility, incorrect statements, and attacks in bring those views forward.

As one of the officers present in the meeting you had with Fanndis with regards to the move, I can confirm that there was no "demands" or "hostility" in your conversation with us. We had a reasonable conversation, and left off on getting back to you with details, after we talked to our members first (which we are doing right now). After we reach a consensus, Forgeholm will reach out to you to further discuss the matter and reach and official agreement.

You can PM me or Fanndis if you have an questions or concerns.
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Fanndis Goldbraid
Pathfinder University demanded nothing of Forgeholm. In fact, we are still in negotiations regarding the details of PFU's access to the strip of mountain hexes on the southern tip of the Southern Echo Peaks which Forgeholm occupies. Forgeholm stands to be the beneficiary of its location in the mountains, hopefully gaining some new recruits and getting the opportunity to work with many new players and long term students, as well as sometimes pitching in and helping the university with other matters. While PFU was located on the far south side of the map, having several members of Forgeholm in Riverbank just was not practical. PFU's new geography changes that, and we are excited to have PFU in our neck of the woods.
i think everyone needs to take a step back and understand that we need PFU

am i biased? … yes

but this game has 1) a very steep learning curve; 2) a "system shock" when a tabletopper realizes everything he "knows" is worthless; 3) the ability to "waste" xp quickly and thoroughly.

PFU helps with those and perhaps can help in player retention

but being in Riverbank was awfully far away from the Northern settlements and now they are closer

i think the valid concern with settlements should be 1) how can I help?; 2) how can I recruit PFU students; and 3) how can I help Dean Hoffman crowdforge the ability for a player to take his Influence with them (or make it tradable between companies? but probably not good idea due to ability to be exploited somehow who knows)

Influence is the lone gamebreaker that I can see, an unfortunate mechanism that doesn't coincide with PFUs goals, yet nothing they can really do about a toon not being able to help his new settlement as much for a very long time. As far as I can tell Influence is easy to gain at first (when in PFU) and hard later (when joining new company for whom the Influence is needed the most)

My main problem is I don't see the football field, basketball gym, or frat/sorority row yet, so methinks engineer hoffman needs to get to work! smile
I don't think anyone doubts the value of PFU for new player retention.

I think the concern is that PFU is claiming territory with Towers. I think folks have valid questions about why that's necessary.
Nihimon murmurs in sheer ecstasy as the magic courses through his veins
Caldeathe Baequiannia
Nihimon is exactly right. The earlier we all agree on how the university is and should operate, the less chance of frustration and anger later when someone takes the wrong tower or puts down a holding on the wrong spot.

The Univsity has, and should have, a privileged place, but if that place costs other settlements land and resources against their will, it becomes a potential thorn in the side of everyone in the area. If it is receiving protection or favoured status from both devs and powerful groups, it puts other groups in the position of feeling pressured (however real that pressure is) to cede their interests to it's "requests"
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Also the monster hexes for farming victory tokens.
I think the answer is for GW to fix their training at one lower than what is useful (for example, no one needs level 13 training right now, so they'd have 11). This is a compromise between removing their need for towers/territory, as well as making sure they don't permanently have the best training - which would be a further disincentive for students to leave and attract the attention of more non-students. There could even be an argument for having slightly lower training, such as 10 right now. Some combination of lower training than what is feasible, while having it fixed.
Caldeathe Baequiannia
I don't think students should be encouraged to train to T2 at the University. Either it's for starters or it isn't. There's no reason the students need to still be attached to the University when they are training level 11. If support for higher levels needs to be included to allow the staff to function as permanent members, then support might be okay.
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