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EoX- Nightcrawlers

Elsworth Sugarfoot
Company: Nightcrawlers
Alliance: Xeilias
Settlement: Golgotha

We are a brotherhood of players who play late at night, brought together by bonds of darkness.

3) All Nightcrawlers inductions are done at 3:33am EST. If you cannot play at this time you cannot join.
2) Nightcrawlers recruits must defeat a current Nightcrawler or another recruit in 1v1 combat.
1) You cannot join with a reputation above 0 (we will help you obtain this, it will be fun and won't take long).
0) All rules can be broken except this one.

Tabomo, Elsworth Sugarfoot, Kiseki, Flynn Pontis, Nivia Rey, Emberglow.
We have diverse playstyles, and are friendly to new players, but please have basic understanding of commands (how to run, fight, craft, etc). Our number one requirement is activity, your Nightcrawler should be your main alt.
Flynn Pontis
And here I thought the first rule of Nightcrawlers was not to talk about Nightcrawlers…
Nivia Rey
Nightcrawlers history:

Pre-Created to take back our tower STOLEN from Phaeros and EBA (with at the time lower player #'s)

After causing damage to 5 of their Gatherers and some more of their Tower-Stealers – EBA (
Everbloom Alliance) took all of EoX (Empire of Xeilias) Towers smilesmilesmile

Our Leader Phyllain signed into being 'Nightcrawlers' and demanded PvP'ers from EoX to do as much damage to the South East as possible.

Most of us hit -7500 reputation in this black ops war AND are the reason why Cheatle is spamming General Chat asking for help killing Ustlovs - A thoughtful war tactic to make it hard on them putting down EE7 holdings and outposts.

If any of this sounds interesting/cool and you currently are a night time player, contact us.

Oh and we took down a Duergar escalation tonight. smile
I wanted to talk about the excitement of fighting a larger force of foes using harassment and guerrilla tactics, but I think it is instead best summed up by this picture:
You met Tabomo, Mel Gibson style, now meet some of the other Nightcrawlers!

Elsworth Sugarfoot:

Flynn Pontis:

And, an honorary Nightcrawler, as he is our Benevolent Dictator….Phyllain:
Elsworth Sugarfoot
Elsworth stepped out into the cold mountain night, away from the flames of the orcish forges. Away from the flickering that hurt his eyes. Here things were clear. His rise to power had been swift since he was pulled from Marchmont by the filthy coal miner. Where was Kiseki now, still in some whorehouse in Dagedai?

Nihimon had grown unfortunately powerful since their last meeting, and Decius presented problems of his own. All around new settlements had risen to oppose the Empire. “Dwarves!” he spat and snarled. It would be a pleasure killing them.

Already he felt weakened by the loss of the territory. Where was the mighty Guurzak and his orcs, Pontis had wandered off mumbling something about, “The great Asmodeus.” He knew that his plan had been ambitious, and born of opportunity more than any specific strategy, but the North had played their hand. Their long masquerade as pacifists had ended.

This too could be used to his advantage. Phyllain would give him more power. It only made sense after their recent string of victories. He couldn’t be blamed for losses in the face of such overwhelming numbers, could he?

Dark days were ahead for Xeilias, surrounded and severely outnumbered by the North and South, but darkness was their strength. The voices said this would happen. He could hear them now on the night wind. “Nightcrawlers…..”
Elsworth Sugarfoot
We are currently searching for Melee warriors and clerics.

I also have a deputy position open, you can start as an apprentice and I will teach you what you need to know.
Caldeathe Baequiannia
Elsworth Sugarfoot
We are currently searching for Melee warriors and clerics.

I also have a deputy position open, you can start as an apprentice and I will teach you what you need to know.
My teammates suggested I apply. Something about my nickname, Calvorkian….
To reach me, email
Elsworth Sugarfoot
Just so that people know we aren't just a PvP company. Nightcrawlers has gotten the server firsts on the last 3 PvE events: Duergar (w/ Aurora and Auriga), Ancient Elemental (w/ Callambea), and Wrath of Nhur Athemon (joint EoX venture).
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