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Malrunwa Soves
Welcome to the settlement of Tavernhold! Website

A laid back group that wants to have fun and enjoy the game. We're Chaotic Good to the core with Cayden Cailean and Desna both covered by our main groups. We hope to be the tavern on the frontier where everyone can be welcome as long as they leave their politics at the door.

The Founders

Group: The Golden Flask
Role: Heroes for hire
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Patron Deity: Cayden Cailean
Blurb: As the Accidental God has shown us, life's best adventures are unplanned. You need to simply surround yourself with friends and set out to find whatever destiny has in store for you. Life is too short not to enjoy it to its fullest and see all that you can while living it. Come chance the awesome undertakings which fate has in store for you and seek your fortunes with us.

Group: The Dream Seekers
Role: Guardians of Travelers
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Patron Deity: Desna
Accepted Positions: All positions.
Blurb: By Desna's grace we have found ourselves blessed with good friends in the members of the Golden Flask, and have joined forces with our freedom-and-ale-loving friends, and now we seek to turn our focus from the running of a settlement, to the managing of a church in the settlement of Tavernhold. We plan to act as a place of refuge and a central hub for all members and allies of the faith who travel through the area.

Group: Smiths of Tavernhold
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Patron Deity: Milani
Accepted Positions: Crafters and Gatherers.
Blurb: The wilderness is hard on equipment, and those horses aren't going to shoe themselves. The Smiths of Tavernhold are dedicated to providing adventurer support and generating trade for our settlement. We will make frequent forays into nearby monster hexes to obtain rare materials for use and barter, supported by our sibling companies or ad hoc parties of Cathedral patrons.

Group: Fool’s Company
Role: Freedom Fighters
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Patron Deity: Milani
Accepted Positions: All positions (favoring combatants)
Blurb: If fighting for freedom and justice makes me a fool, I’m glad to be a fool! We are a group of mature, laid-back gamers who are mainly interested in community development and PVE. We support the Roseblood Accord, and friendly, cooperative game play in general. We welcome folks of all ages and gaming experience. Come join us as we fight oppressors who seek to steal our freedom and impose their rule on our settlement and friends!

Group: Stone Bear Clan
Role: The Rage of the North
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Patron Deity: Gorum
Accepted Positions: All Positions
Blurb: Initially formed from a family of Kellid folk fleeing Nemuria, Stone Bear Clan has come to enjoy the freedoms of the River Kingdoms. They now see that threatened by the hordes of pioneers entering the lands and forcing their petty laws down everyone's throats. They aren't about to become "slaves" to these false barons and will put down anyone who tries to tell them differently. Seeing kindred spirits in the people of Tavernhold, the barbarians of Stone Bear Clan have offered their strength of arms in exchange for a steady supply of the settlements famous brew.

Group: The Outsiders
Role: A Place to Belong
Blurb: Some adventurers aren't looking to get involved with politics or deal with a lot of strangers. Yet everyone needs a place to train, craft equipment, and store their gear. That's where Outsiders comes in. Members can play the game the way they want, without interference, and still enjoy the in-game benefits of company and settlement membership.
I've met great people here and quite a few dwarves. They don't seem to find the humor in me borrowing their finely brewed beverages though.
Myl - Herald of Stone Bear Clan (Tavernhold)
"You can walk into Tavernhold but a horse will have to carry you out."
Desna's Dreamseekers will be a positive influence.

Locke, cleric of Desna.
I am looking to relocate to a settlement that has very little PVP. Tavernhold was recommended. Can someone please confirm this for me? Also, does anyone know Tavernhold's population currently?

Also, would an Elven Cleric of Sarenrae be appropriate there?

Xilanthus Narthingad - Follower of Sarenrae
Member of the Disciples of the Everlight, based in Tavernhold
My Paizo PM
So far, we've had very little PVP. I attribute that to a combination of factors:
We're way up in the NW corner of the map, far from the major powers of PFO;
We're surrounded by friends and allies;
Until EE4, we've had plenty of Towers to keep up with our training needs, without having to take towers from other settlements.

I don't know our current population, offhand. Like many other settlements, we've had difficulty accepting applicants recently. We just reorganized under a new incarnation of our founding company, lead by a player who is online most evenings, so I suspect our official population will be rising for a while, as people who've been playing with us unofficially become official members.

RP-wise, I don't see any reason a cleric of Saranrae wouldn't fit in. Mechanics-wise, we plan to adopt Chaotic Good as the settlement's alignment. As a neural good deity, Saranrae fits the "within one step" alignment restriction.

As far as your character's race goes, we already have a mix of humans, elves and dwarves, so one more elf is great.
Caldeathe Baequiannia
I don't know about the population, but as long as you aren't a Lawful Good follower, you should be okay worshiping Sarenrae. You may or may not get her covered in a temple, but she's a close enough match that it is a good possibility. At worst, you and a group might be able to construct a shrine and support her yourselves. Tavernhold has good relationships with several surrounding groups, and support shouldn't be too far away.
To reach me, email
Thank you

I also bring a Small Holding with me. Do you think that will be an issue?
Xilanthus Narthingad - Follower of Sarenrae
Member of the Disciples of the Everlight, based in Tavernhold
My Paizo PM
I don't see any problems with bringing a small holding along, but a) I don't know enough about small holdings to know why that could be a problem, and b) I'm a rank and file company member. I'm not authorized to make policy statements on behalf of the settlement.

I'd also like to add a stock market style disclaimer: Past PVP avoidance is no guarantee of future PVP activity level! If someone decides it's worth their time to trek way out to the boondocks to mess with us, that's out of our control.
@jcanup42 I've had a chance to meet and play with a number of Tavernhold members and you'd be hard pressed to find a better group of people to game with. And in regards to pvp, while you may not always be able to avoid it, you'll have a lot of friends in the northwest eager to help should it occur.
Good… Bad… I'm the guy with the bow.
I just wish when goods are contracted for that the customer is present and payment is ready. Ran half the map for nothing. Donkey is absolutely enraged that THE TAVERN WAS CLOSED!!smile
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