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Settlement Recruiting II

Ryan Dancey
I wanted to make a new thread about this to keep the key points visible.

In my opinion, Settlement recruiting activities in the wider MMO community continue to be almost zero. With the exception of Fandis Goldbraid, Phyllain and Pinosaur, recruiting efforts visible to me in those venues are non-existent. Collectively we need to be raising awareness about individual Settlement AWESOME.

We need more recruiting on reddit:

  • /r/Games where people talk about videogames of all kinds.
  • /r/MMORPG where people talk about MMOs in particular.
  • /r/PathfinderOnline where people are talking about Pathfinder Online in particular.

We need it on the MMO news sites: - especially the Pathfinder Online section!. Also, MMORPG's "Hype" list has a lot of cache and seeing Pathfinder Online move up those rankings will be a huge boost to our efforts and yours!

Massively Overpowered is the new site from the people who used to run the Massively site in the Joystiq network. Same editorial team, same focus, now operating independently.

Ten Ton Hammer has been a successful place for us to interact with MMO fans and we had a very good response from advertising and editorial with them during our Kickstarter.

We need recruiting activity in the EVE community. I don't know what the best vehicle is for that, so any and all suggestions are welcome.

Settlements that are committed to growing should have someone delegated to be visible in these places making regular posts and talking about the cool stuff their Settlement is doing. When the wider community sees activity and fun, that is a powerful attractant.
Ryan, I strongly feel that mass recruiting efforts now are premature. The kind of people we'd be able to pick up from the mainstream sites are people who will login for a week, see a game which is very immature, draw incorrect conclusions, and never come back. The longterm success of the game will be much better if we wait to recruit those people until we have a chance to actually keep them.

Don't eat your seed corn.
^This is Dak (Charlie George). RIP <Guurzak>
I can agree with Guurzak on this,
but at the same time I do agree we need new players.
Caldeathe Baequiannia
Ryan, I think that most of us are just barely reaching the stage where we are willing to try to bring anyone into this game who isn't already interested. I love that you are so directly engaged with us, and open to what we have to say, and Pathfinder Online is improving at a phenomenal rate, but there have been a lot of things that were embarrassing, and for many it still isn't mvp.
To reach me, email
Ryan Dancey
People are talking about us. If we don't participate, all that gets transmitted is a one-sided, usually inaccurate message. Engagement is crucial.

For example, do you want this to go unchallenged?

In order to fully participate in the Holding / Outpost aspects of the game that was just added, you will most likely have to join one of the three main settlements or their alliance. Actually getting to own and run an outpost / holding requires that you run escalations and defeat the escalation bosses.

Only the larger populated settlements can run these, and at the same time ensure that no one kill steals the escalation boss. You can actually spend hours running an escalation and by a stroke of luck, another team can spot the boss before your group and kill it (getting all of the rewards, including the resources needed to build an outpost / holding).

So the meaning of this sandbox is, the content is only if you join one of the big boys.

I don't.

But there is a difference between the CEO saying Bluddwulf is wrong, and players who represent Settlements and can offer support for their objections saying he is wrong.

But how is he wrong? From what I understand he's correct.
Stilachio Thrax
While Bluddwolf can be excessively pessimistic and bitter about things in PFO, he isn't necessarily incorrect in what he said. The only thing he is really stating as fact that isn't is the part about needing to be one of the big boys- one's preferences for in game activities and long-term goals will inform whether or not you agree with him.

There are number of people in my LotRO raid group that would *love* the finished product PFO. But they wouldn't stick around more than a day or two in its current state and I wouldn't try to sell them on it in its current condition. Same goes for the huge fleet I'm part of in STO. If I can't justify pimping it to my gaming friends, I can't justify trying to sell it to strangers…
Virtus et Honor

Steward of Ozem's Vigil, Lord Commander of the Argyraspides Iomedais
Tink says Stab
Yes, he is wrong. The smaller settlements can easily compete against the larger groups for holdings/outposts. Bluddwulf is just grumpy that his settlement failed, that anyone that intended to live in Aragon left for Golgotha, and that he isn't able to make do with his rag tag group of hardly any people at all.

Emerald Lodge is doing just fine. Ozem's Vigil is doing just fine. From what I understand, the Aeonian League is doing just fine.

Hell, EL 'took' 10 Victory Markers right out from under Golgotha's noses last night. Fairly sure that that alone would be enough to build a low + value holding?

The implication that the only solution to the current issue is "Join EBA or Xeilias or die" is short sighted. "Build your own EBA or Xeilias" is just as valid. Bludd just doesn't want to do the work that that requires.
Tink quivers in sheer euphoria as the dank memes course through his fedora
Ryan Dancey
It just is not true that the only Companies building Holdings and Outposts are in 3 Settlements. "Only larger Settlements can defeat escalations" is demonstrably false. Lisa, Bob & Mike did one last weekend, by themselves. That is not a high bar.

These are the kinds of messages that need to be challenged by the community and are EXCELLENT recruiting opportunities.
While play style is an issue, the devs are actively pushing the same message in regards to settlements. only the 3 biggest are currently viable at all. He is not wrong.
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