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Death of Casual Players...

So I like all the content added of EE7.1. But the new feature of having to pay for training is killing me. We already have the time wait of xp and the Points system(arcane, adventuring, yada yada… ) The points are the real xp of the game. "You must complete 1200 encounters before you can level____ ability."

The coin training requirement is forced grinding. I only can play for a few short hours a week. If that time is spent gathering and not killing. I get no copper. If I use it to grind kills. I now have to not only look for humanoids that have possible coin drops, but I only get mayby 15 copper per two hours!

I know, I know what your going to say. Get in a group and grind 40 encounters per hour. Or craft and sell stuff. Though I am lucky my company doesn't boot me for slow progression in this game because they are real life friends. But we are on sporadically. I tend to solo, explore, and gather as much as possible to put into company bank. I feel I'm more valuable as a gatherer. And why not grind crafts? First, only a few hours play remember? Second, stuff doesn't sell.

Hey it's my sandbox too. Why is my way the wrong way? Why am I getting penalized for playing in my sandbox.

Developers! If you keep this feature, please increase the coin drop rate for solo play. And put coins in monsters stomachs. That makes sense right? Monsters ate travelers! See that works!!!
Actually as a gatherer you shouldn't have problems with coin. Don't hand 100% into the vault of your settlement. Take 10 or 20% and put it on an AH.
Coal is 7 or 8 cp per piece, some other ingredients can fetch a lot more - especially if you are a T2 gatherer. Gathering actually should be one of the surest ways to make coin (apart of killing monsters).
Off course you need to know what sells where. Tyncale is pretty good in Callambea - he was giving fixed prices. There are no buy orders yet - that would help as well.
So as gatherer - find out what sells where and you could become rich and actually provide your friends with coin. Off course I have no idea where you are and how close the next functioning market is. That could be an issue.
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We welcome both hard core players as well as casual players with or without tabletop experience. We have a strong group in Europe and are slowly expanding into the US. We are predominately PvE as our neutral political stance means that we tend to use PvP only in self-defence. We are not anti-PVP - but expect limited PvP opportunity with us.
If you are anywhere near Callambea, please check out this post: I am buying stuff.

I still need coal, iron and also weak acidic herbs which are all tier 1 materials and can even be harvested by a player who has zero harvesting skill. If you can harvest tier2, even better. @ hours of harvesting should yield you enough to train for a week, I think.
Regalo Harnoncourt, Leader of the River Kingdoms Trading Company, High Council of Callambea.
This is the character that I am playing almost 100% of the time. (Tyncale is my Sage/Mage)
Well 15 copper in 2 hours is very low. My gatherer just killed 4 goblins that were in his way and got about 10 coin. Perhaps you need to level your knowledge skills.

You could also work for other people. There are people that will pay you to move basic goods about if you advertise your services in General Chat.
but I only get mayby 15 copper per two hours!

You are either exaggerating or doing something massively wrong. We can fix that though.

Take a PFU class or feel free to whisper me in game (same name) and I can help you out so that your expected results go way up from that. If you can manage a 2 hour farm session you should be able to easily cover a week or so of training with it.

Lets talk because there is no reason that should be an impediment in this game.
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Thorgrim Foegrinder
Moray, the Echo Woodsmen have many casual players and a couple of small groups of RL friends as well. I'd like to talk to you in game sometime about different things we do to make sure everyone has fun and plays the way they want to play. You can whisper me or Thimble Fiddlewinks to try to catch me online, I'll hopefully be on in a few hours.
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Just to test things a little bit, I took a 0 xp alt out. No armor, longsword +0 and longbow +0 with basic strikes and exploits. In 15 minutes in a wilderness hex, I got 9c (so 36c/hr). The take is low because I had to move around a lot to find suitable targets. I then moved into patrolled hexes and got 41c in 15 minutes (so 160c/hr). The take was much better because it was easy to find two Lv1 mobs or one Lv2 mob that I could kill without risk. I think Goblinworks would call this "fighting level-appropriate encounters".

If you have skill in gathering, you'd still likely do better to sell resources in a market. If you didn't want to go to Callambea and there was a market close to you, I expect you could sell such items in any barely active market at those prices. Stuff will sell faster in an active market, of course. (One way to make a market more active is to announce in the trade forum that you put stuff up for sale).

Another option, which to me is the obvious one: talk to your settlement mates. You're collecting resources for the company. That means some company crafter isn't paying market price for those resources. Either he's crafting and selling your resources with a mark-up, or he's passing them to company adventurers for their use. Which mean the company adventurers don't have to buy their arms in Callambea or Canis Castrum, and those adventurers are making serious coin. If you are a dedicated gatherer for your company or settlement, then your company or settlement should be covering your training costs and equipment costs.* If they won't, that's a clear signal that they expect you to make enough on the side to cover your costs.

( * any member of my settlement who is primarily gathering, please talk to me before making a trip across the map to sell resources. )
At some point, crowdforging suggestions seem to be like fan fiction. Some good, some bad, some repetitious and predictable. But maybe there are some gems out there.
The coin training requirement is forced grinding. I only can play for a few short hours a week. If that time is spent gathering and not killing. I get no copper. If I use it to grind kills. I now have to not only look for humanoids that have possible coin drops, but I only get mayby 15 copper per two hours!

Gatherers can get rich really quickly. I earned 1.5 gold over the last two weeks selling only a portion of what I gathered. The rest went into company and settlement banks.

And if you are only getting 15 copper in two hours something is amiss there. You must be farming only very low level mobs and very few per hour at that. Aim for T1 escalations as the drop rates are better in my experience. Try out killing yellow and red mobs if you can on your own.

And, as mentioned by others in this forum already, train some knowledge skills. Just make sure you are killing whatever you train knowledge skills for as well.
If you are primarily gathering and giving what you gather to your company, then you should have a discussion with your company officers about getting the coin you need to continue training.
One thing to keep in mind though, with this advice, is that if the problem of "lack of equipment destruction" is not addressed soon, fairly quickly the demand for crafted equipment will dry up, since everybody will have what they need. After that, demand for gathered materials will dry up because crafters won't have anything to do.
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