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Death of Casual Players...

Ways to make coin:

- put gathered items on the AH
- sell your coal, hemp, and pine to me thereby avoiding the AH surcharge
- kill enemies - preferably ones in escalations

No one is saying you don't play in the sandbox correctly. But I AM saying that if your company or settlement can't or won't front you the pitifully low amount of coin required for training then you are in the wrong company.
So I like all the content added of EE7.1. But the new feature of having to pay for training is killing me. We already have the time wait of xp and the Points system(arcane, adventuring, yada yada… ) The points are the real xp of the game. "You must complete 1200 encounters before you can level____ ability."

The coin training requirement is forced grinding. I only can play for a few short hours a week. If that time is spent gathering and not killing. I get no copper. If I use it to grind kills. I now have to not only look for humanoids that have possible coin drops, but I only get mayby 15 copper per two hours!

I know, I know what your going to say. Get in a group and grind 40 encounters per hour. Or craft and sell stuff. Though I am lucky my company doesn't boot me for slow progression in this game because they are real life friends. But we are on sporadically. I tend to solo, explore, and gather as much as possible to put into company bank. I feel I'm more valuable as a gatherer. And why not grind crafts? First, only a few hours play remember? Second, stuff doesn't sell.
Ileo D - Dwarf - Cleric

Deities: Torag, Iomedae, Erastil, maybe Gorum
I agree, GW is reducing the Purchasing Power for Consumables by adding this Tax to Skill, Feat, Expendable training we already spend XP on.

No Taxation without Representation. (Fees = Taxes)smile
Ileo D - Dwarf - Cleric

Deities: Torag, Iomedae, Erastil, maybe Gorum

Here is my solution.

Fees pay for training above lvl 4 in NPC settlements. (Fee / Reward)

Player owned settlements should set their own fee prices eventually like the plan for AH's Fees. (Fee / Reward)

We will all pretend there have always been coin fees for training smile
Ileo D - Dwarf - Cleric

Deities: Torag, Iomedae, Erastil, maybe Gorum
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