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High Road Covenant is offering patents of land.

Caldeathe Baequiannia
Be it known that all able bodied men and women who have the stalwart nerve to make their home on the western frontier shall find opportunity and freedom within the Bulwark Hills. For every ten pioneers of brave heart who make the journey, the High Road Covenant shall grant within it's authority a tract of land three hundred chains in breadth to develop and nurture as one sees fit as long as it does no harm to your neighbor. Settle not for your land of mediocrity. Follow the winds of opportunity to the land of the stalwart, the free, and the independent spirit. The highlands beckon, go West!

The High Road Covenant consists of
- Stoneroot Glade, with excellent Rogue and Wizard training
- Talonguard, with exceptional Crafting facilities and training, plus ready access to a variety of low-intensity protected road hexes where threats are less intense
- Tavernhold, with some of the finest Cleric and Fighter training to be had

Steading lands will be made available to new companies (whether existing groups or newly formed groups of friends) as will assistance in acquiring, building and maintaining your holdings and outposts. With three Active Escalation Home hexes, and numerous spawn sites, the HRC offers some of the most exciting and engaging PvE experiences in the land.

Interested homesteaders should contact us at The Coal Roads
To reach me, email
The High Road Covenant, with most of our social interaction at, is a varied group of settlements covering a wide array of play-styles that co-operate for mutual benefit. We have a mix of PvE and PvP players who work together on a daily basis to carve a home and trade out of the rocky highlands in the Bulwark Hills of Golarion in North West corner of the map. At any given time there is almost always one or more groups tackling the threat of escalations in the region, and we have been fully successful controlling the spread of mobs throughout our territory.

We encompass three settlements:

Stoneroot Glade

Nestled in the heart of the Bulwark hills, Stoneroot Glade is the jewel of the highlands. Populated by hearty pioneers putting pick and drill to rock for ore and stone, and brave adventurers of all stripes dedicated to constructive brotherhood North of the High Road. We are a hard working lot and ever vigilant against those who would harm or exploit the weak and unwary for pleasure or profit. We are hardened folk with gentle smiles and a viscous bite. Our surroundings are not for the feint of heart or the weak willed, but the land toughens our hide and braces our resolve. Many dangers knock upon our doors, whether it be skull bashing maniacal ogres, power crazed Ustalavian knights, malicious cultists, or brazen bandits from the East, we rise to the challenge proving each time that our meat is too tough to chew. Desert nomads, high country mystics, dour dwarves, charitable rapascallions and magnanimous entrepreneurs all call these hills home. Will you?


Talonguard is the mercantile heart and trainnig ground of the West. Is your character looking to expand in multiple crafts? Talonguard strives to provide the most support for low to mid level characters. Hosting an active auction house with buyers throughout the High Road Covenant, Talonguard ensures new player Tier 1 gathered goods will always find the highest value on the map.

Offering an alternative to the hustle and bustle of the starter spawn areas, new players moving directly to Talonguard have dozens of Tier 1 shield hexes to harvest and hunt. Overlooking the southern cliff edge of the Bullwark Hills into the vast croplands of Highwater, citizens prepare with anticipation of the westward expansion of the Crusader Road.


Tavernhold is a Chaotic-Good settlement on the Northwest frontier. We are a laid back group dedicated to celebrating life and all its glory. We try to stay out of politics with a double shot of ‘Honey Badger’ and a ‘live and let live’ chaser.

Our belief is that all folks are good until they prove otherwise. Our cause is freedom for all good folk until it tramples on the freedom of another. Our future is with our friends, our nation, and our joie de vivre.
We hold Cayden Cailean as most likeminded of the gods, however, we also welcome any followers of goodly or rowdy gods. Regardless of your faith, you will find a place by the hearth and a mug engraved with your name above the bar.

We are crafters, clerics, warriors, wizards and rogues. We prefer adventure to PvP, trade to politics, and beer to water. If you would like to join us, please visit to find out more about the settlement and our affiliated companies.

As a settlement, we are open to talking with any like-minded company looking for a place to establish a home with great neighbors, good folk, and decent training & crafting. We welcome both companies who want to be left to their own devices and those who wish to actively participate in the HRC community. New players who wish to join an existing Tavernhold Company will find mentorship for most play-styles and support in achieving their aspirations.

“Don’t let rules get in the way of what is truly good in life” -Cayden Cailean
We’ll Drink to That!

Life in the High Road Covenant

With homelands for a variety of mobs, and other lands that daily spawn threats of varying nature, the lands of the High Road Covenant are rich in hunting targets for players seeking to test their mettle against the evil denizens of Golarion. With multiple daily outings, including both North American and EU players , and a busy online presence working to cleanse the lands of these scourges, we maintain a constant presence on Golarion Mumble to coordinate our endeavors. ( 3093)

The HRC embraces PvP players in order that we are ever ready to defend players dedicated to primarily monster hunting and non-combative roles. Our goal is to provide an open, rich, environment for hunters, gatherers, crafters and merchants to shape the land. We rely heavily on both internal and external cooperation to support the needs of individuals and teams in their chosen play style.

We encourage our membership to be active both in, and outside, the game, through supporting the training goals of the Pathfinder University, and production of play-support materials, such as Azure's guide to running Pathfinder under Linux.

The High Road Covenant feel we have a natural role in the early part of the game as Golarion's version of the Old West Frontier. A little more free-wheeling than the center of the map, sometimes safer, sometimes more dangerous, but generally offering citizens a great deal of freedom to pursue their own path aside of the political machinations of the world's established center. We encompass Rotter's Hole, the reputation-free settlement and make it a part of ourselves.

With vast tracts of land coming right next door in the next expansion of the world, we expect to be the staging ground for some of the most exciting and vigorous exploration the world has to offer.

Recent Achievements

Since the start of 7.1, the High Road Covenant has focused on constructive, expansive growth. Thus far, includes the placement of over 15 individual holdings and the acquisition of a majority of the newly added holding and outpost recipes. As a martial force we have worked to contain and eliminate multiple escalations in our region on a daily basis, all the while recruiting and growing our ranks of enthusiastic and constructive citizens.

Upcoming Events

This weekend, look for the following activities on

Ustilav Home Escalation: one or more teams will attempt to rid Golarion of these invaders. This will be a top level assault on a difficult and engaging enemy

Skull-Basher Ogres: For a slightly less intense experience, groups may make a foray into the home of the the Skull bashers to beat these denizens of the north back into their lairs.

There are also whisperings of a skeletal uprising in the region that may need tending to. Our clerics will be hot on the trail of the undead and often have room for less experienced players in a war that is more forgiving than many.

Join the brotherhood of the North, join the unspoiled frontier, join the High Road Covenant!
Go West for freedom and adventure! Join the free soil settlers of High Road. Be a positive and constructive force for freedom in the Bulwark Hills.
Once new companies have been granted their tracts, they will need holdings and outposts to place there. I suspect that those might be available in the southeast in exchange for coal deliveries…
Caldeathe Baequiannia
We are always happy to trade coal. Deliveries are a value added service.
To reach me, email
The value added for delivered materials would be considered in the pricing of construction kits.
The HRC has produced 15 holdings in 7 days. For now we appear to be on top of the demand any new settlers may have.
Go West for freedom and adventure! Join the free soil settlers of High Road. Be a positive and constructive force for freedom in the Bulwark Hills.
Caldeathe Baequiannia
The Irregulars of Stoneroot Glade have placed four holdings in the Coal Roads region, and are actively seeking parties interested in keeping our area clear of mobs and defending what we hold. You are welcome either as part of the core company, or as your own adjunct company, and will find a welcoming and supportive group of players to help you succeed in conquering this wild land.

You may contact me through my Sig, or speak to anyone from Stoneroot Glade on the open mumble server at port 3093.

We need you to help conquer Golarion's frontier.
To reach me, email
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