Greetings fellow Dwarves and Dwarf Friends!

Forgeholm is looking for independent minded Dwarves of all ages and dispositions to work outside of Forgeholm in the wilderness or the town of your choosing! We are working on a company made of of supporters of Forgeholm that do not necessarily feel the need to be in the mountains, but prefer to mingle with low flatlanders, or travel where ever your feet take you. While you are out there in the wilderness, you may gather, sell at an auction house, craft to your heart's content and store your personal effects in the bank of your choosing. Periodically we Forgeholm members will come to your area and trade goods, or help you out with gear, or pick up stockpiles of gathered, refined and crafted materials to use for the betterment of Forgeholm.

These company members will be part of the "diaspora", members of Forgeholm that roam the land, or reside elsewhere, still supporting Forgeholm as you live your life.

If you are interested, please contact myself, aussiedwarf (Unker Drark in game), Giorgo (Durin Steelforge in game) or Elder Days (Gorim Goldhammer). Feel free to message in game, or PM on the Paizo forums. We'll be happy to make a place where you will be comfortable!