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Temporarily shutting down Ideascale

Ryan Dancey
Players until we get the Crowdforging tools built to start running surveys & questions in the client I am suspending our Ideascale site. I've exported all the data so we have record of all the ideas and comments submitted. When we're ready to start using that system in conjunction with our in-game tools, we'll turn it back on.

Thanks to everyone who contributed ideas - we have gotten a fantastic amount of useful feedback from the system!
I look forward to the new and improved version. smile
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Hedrik Holiday
er… does that mean the new tool(s) will require that one be in-game to use them? I ask only because I have yet to be able to BE in-game due to the technical difficulties with the Mac client… smile
Ryan Dancey
We want to add a feature to the log-in screen that will let us get votes, and comments and other feedback from the players, and then combine that with stuff generated via tools like IdeaScale so that we get both the value of the really active folks who want to propose ideas and the broad-based input from a large slice of the players so that we know that the feedback on those ideas represents a large cross-section of the players.
Hedrik Holiday
Cool! Thanks for the quick reply!
Wyborn Cathmor
Thank you for the link Ryan. I hadn't seen this.
Wyborn Cathmor of Keeper's Pass
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