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After just playing for a few hours

Thoughts off the top of my head even though the game is in development features I expect to see on a full release.

1.) Gathering just absolutely sucks clicking lighted lights on the ground to gather with no animations is dull ( Although I expect this is just a place holder for the development team to add actual logs, and such + animations later.)

.In the starting area where I started feels like there are too little of resource nodes.

2.) Player Housing, I play Dark Fall Online, I personally recently quit DFUW because of how messed up the developers ruined the game, however housing over there is kinda pointless, it would be great if players on the game could have instanced housing basically like on a different map, but still open to others in the general PVP world if that is what the game is going for in other words no limit so players could actually own a house. (Basically take the world map for example and imagine if on release there were maps like 5x its size which can be visit by portals or just a huge map for extra housing.)

3.) No house Taxes, I hate Dark Fall online because of this system its annoying what if RL emergency comes up and a player if off a couple of weeks come back your hard paid house is gone.

4.) Make housing mean something basically allow users to place a forge, workbench and such in their house to craft items if a player should choose to do this.

5.) Character Re-Customization, allow players to edit a character after it has already been created without paying extra cash on top of a monthly fee.

. Update character models would be great.

6.) The map is a bit annoying, all these same looking icons with it being hard to identify trainers in the towns and such its hard as a player to find what I need to train and such, improvements to the settlement map to show player location, and the minimap, as well as icons would be great.

Otherwise the game isn't the best I have seen but its not the worst, seems okay than some I have played for being in development time will tell if they make the right improvements or if I leave, but I have to say I like the skill training system.
Duffy Swiftshadow
1.) There is a simple animation right now, but what lights are you talking about? Have you only seen one type of node? There are four types, tho each region usually only has 2-3.

2.) Outside of the one item from the cash shop there isn't really any player structures an individual could reasonably maintain. Building structures is heavily tied to company and settlement membership. With the last patch you can put a wide swath of holdings with various capabilities and trainers out in the world. As far as I have heard there are no plans for instanced housing tho some buildings may eventually gain interiors. Due to the way this game works everything needs to exist in the world and everything is destructible.

3.) There will be upkeep costs associated with structures, but again due to them belonging to a company or settlement over an individual it decreases the odds that one person having an interruption of playtime would cause problems.

4.) Current structures serve different purposes and grant access to different things, don't know if their will ever be micro configurable structures.

5.) Agreed, especially if they add new options later.

6.) Recognizing buildings is far more useful for finding trainers than using the mini-map. All the buildings in game have a sign telling you which they are and if you open the map with the 'M' key you can click the settlement map button to see a layout of where everything is in that town. (It also tells you which settlements share that layout)

If you're still intrigued I would recommend joining a settlement to play with people and see how the community aspects work. If you're not comfortable jumping into an established group (currently all groups are pretty much the same aside from meta goals but eventually in game mechanics will limit many aspects) right away you can join Pathfinder University in the meantime. It's a player ran group that teaches new players about the game and after they've learned enough (or hit 90 days in) they helps transition them out to a settlement in line with their interests.
Join an active settlement before you leave. PFO is much more than a sum of its parts but only when you roll with an active group.
Avari is Right try playing with an active group and see if it changes your perspective.
You can Try a HRC settlement (Talonguard, Stoneroot Glade, Tavernhold) as we are very active.
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