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Will there ever be a market for T1 +1 and T2 +0 and +1 weapons and armors?

In Tier 1, the +0, +1 and +2 versions of a weapon are somewhat "gated" because you need to train an attack to level 1,2 and 3 respectively in order to get use out of those weapons. However this early training requires so little XP and such minor achievements that effectively only the T1 +2 weapons are an attractive purchase(and thus sale).
There may be a day or two that you can still only use the +1 before you can train level 3 but its not really worth the coin to buy a +1 for that short time.

It gets a lot worse in Tier 2. The moment you reach the requirements to train attacks to level 4, you can effectively get full benefit of a T2 +2 weapon.

Because the difference in resource requirements between making a T2 +0, T2 +1 and T2 +2 weapon are still so minor, I do not see a real market for T2 +0 and +1 weapons, ever.

Cost of T2 +0 Dwarven Steel Longsword based on fixed resource price: 2sp,58 copper.
Cost of T2 +2 Dwarven Steel Longsword based on the same resourceprice: 5sp,75 copper.

Obviously there's no room at all there for adjusting your markup: the base cost is just too close to eachother.

Same for armors though the difference in cost is bigger (but still trivial for a buyer imo).

Cost of T2 +0 Captains Chainmail: 8sp,56 copper
Cost of T2 +2 Captains Chainmail: 19sp, 8 copper.
There is more wriggle room here to adjust your markup since the +2 Armors take a long time to make, but you cant ask ridiculous prices. Prices are based on what I currently am buying the resources for on our AH.

Tier 2 +3 weapons and armors are gated behind a serious XP and achievement investment so they have their own market.

Scenarios that could possibly create a (temp) market for Tier 2 +0 and +1:

  • Huge churn because of a large scale War so that craftingtimes are actually a big factor: better churn out 5x +0 then 1x +2. It's also cheaper but the crafting-times may be the bigger factor here.
  • Raw resources could rise to ridiculous prices: in that case the difference would become bigger, but if the economy moves in that direction then I think the "churn" Economy will not be working as intended. And when people last forever with an armor, then they will most definately still go for the +2, even if the price gap becomes like 50 silver.

My experience is that +0 and +1 stuff sits forever on the AH while the +2 stuff sells. I am talking only about Weapons and Armors here, obviously the ++ system works differently for other items categories.

Am I missing something here?

NB: the argument that the difference in Power and Usefullnes is not that great between a +0 and +2 is nonsense. The difference is actually pretty huge and I am not even a minmaxer. smile
Regalo Harnoncourt, Leader of the River Kingdoms Trading Company, High Council of Callambea.
This is the character that I am playing almost 100% of the time. (Tyncale is my Sage/Mage)
Thannon Forsworn
When they eventually add the threading system it may require balancing the +s across your gear something you'll need to consider.
Thannon Forsworn
Master of Trade
Canis Castrum
Good point. It could be much cheaper to thread a +1 then a +2 so that you can thread some other stuff too.
Regalo Harnoncourt, Leader of the River Kingdoms Trading Company, High Council of Callambea.
This is the character that I am playing almost 100% of the time. (Tyncale is my Sage/Mage)
The issue is:
Players who can afford a T2 weapon (and need it) are also the players who are most likely to afford the +2 version. But we are talking short term here.

Do you remember the EL auction for our second suit of T2 armor - a Dwarven Steel Banded +1. I was told after the auction that I was 'robbed'. Well - some of the resources I got fetch now a great price in Callambea. Especially the 500 Anagogic Essence I got for that armor.

I think prices will go through a cycle. They start insanely hight. Yes - I paid myself 2 gp for a T2 Dwarven Steel Plate +2 that our settlement really needed at the time. Prices then start to fall as the initial rich people are satisfied and you are left with bargain hunters.
Eventually prices will pick up again and stabilize.

We are still in phase 2. And yes - I just did some T1 armour on the weekend and will have to do some more for a new member. T2 - I prefer making +2 versions - but in some cases I can't without buying in the right refined ingredients or using +3 ingredients to cover lack of +2 ones.
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Maybe I'm wrong, but isn't the market for +1 weapons the people who can't afford +2? In my (limited) experience, the 'power gate' isn't the cantrip level, it's the money needed to buy items. I just spent the vast majority of my cash on a +1 weapon. I would have loved a +2 and could have easily afforded the exp to upgrade my cantrips to use it, but 5-9s vs 1.3s meant the +1 was affordable and the +2 was not even close.
Thats a serious difference that does not reflect the resource cost imo. And at that very early level a few silver can indeed make a difference. Although you could also have have harvested 150 Weak acidic herbs, sold them on the Callambea AH and buy that +2 weapon.

I any case, after those first few "poor" weeks, the dfference in silver will matter less and less. And it is indeed mostly about the Tier 2 +0 and +1 Weapons and armors.
Regalo Harnoncourt, Leader of the River Kingdoms Trading Company, High Council of Callambea.
This is the character that I am playing almost 100% of the time. (Tyncale is my Sage/Mage)
the short answer is no

these items are quickly becoming (if not already) worthless

T1 +0 armor (weps are drops so go for 1cp on AH)
T1 +1 armor, weps
T1 +3 armor, weps
T1 recipes (other than a handful)

these items are becoming harder to sell

T2 +0 armor, weps
T2 +1 armor, weps
The only real market for t2+[0,1] gear is people who can't afford or find matched +2 gear.

There's a small market soon for t2+3 gear, but I not sure there's going to be volume at the prices required.
… and just wait till enchanted weapons and armor become available smile

Threading will make a difference. If its a choice of thread T2+1 armor and a T2+1 wep or thread a single T2+2 item I would definitely drop back to T2+1 gear.

T1+0 gear is for those autorun trips where you just need the character somewhere else and he has good gear at the other end so just needs to get there. Set him running, go have coffee and come back later to see what shrine he ended up standing at or tree he has got stuck on.
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