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[Hope's End] Contract Guide

Duffy Swiftshadow
Below are the services we are currently offering and our general terms and conditions. If you are interested in contracting Hope's End's mercenaries please contact us using one of the techniques listed in my signature below. You can use the Demo Worksheet for rough estimates, any results from the demo sheet are subject to change when discussing a contract with an actual broker.

*All pricing and terms are subject to change before your contract's terms are locked in by both parties*

Services & Rules of Engagement

  1. Personnel will not engage hostile forces.
  2. Engaged personnel will withdraw and resume observation from a safe distance.
  3. Personnel will maintain communication with relevant command staff.
  4. Personnel will observe for the specified duration.

  1. Personnel will engage any hostile forces that attack the protected party.
  2. Personnel will debilitate or kill hostile forces to prevent them from killing the protected party.
  3. Should the protected party die, personnel will defend the protected party's husk until it can be retrieved.
  4. The Protected party will obey the orders of the designated individual in command for this contract.
  5. Personnel will stay with the protected party only for the specific(s) determined at the time of contracting.

Holding Assault or Defense (Requires a Feud)
  1. Personnel will engage all hostile forces at the target holding(s).
  2. Personnel can assist in a capture as members of the client's feuding company.
  3. Our companies will NOT capture holdings on the client's behalf.
  4. Personnel will remain engaged for the duration of the PvP window or until fighting has ceased.

Skirmishing (Requires a Feud)
  1. Personnel will engage all designated hostile forces of the targeted entity in the target areas.
  2. All hostile forces will be given a chance to disengage so long as they retreat into their settlement.
  3. Personnel will not camp shrines.
  4. Unless specified by the contract all loot from husks is considered additional plunder.
General Terms & Conditions
Contracts may be initiated up to eight ( 8 ) days before the target start date, any conflicting contracts are resolved on a first come, first served basis. All contracts must be between one (1) day and seven (7) days in length after which the same entity or allied entities may not pursue a new contract with us for a period equal to the initial contract's duration. Within the contracted days personnel may be hired for any number of hours according to their availability. The agreed upon rates represents the maximum billable cost for a contract, discounts may be granted under certain circumstances but shall not reduce the cost of the contract below our base rates. Payment will be made to the drafting broker or another designated party in a mutually agreed upon location. Half of the payment will be made before the contract is initiated and locks in the terms of the contract. Full payment before initiation of the contract entitles the client to a 5% convenience discount. Payment must be made in coins or equivalent goods and materials subject to the drafting broker's approval. Should the contracted party fail to make the agreed upon payment they will be blacklisted. We reserve the right to engage blacklisted clients or their property in an attempt to collect owed debts.
Duffy Swiftshadow
Contract guidelines posted! (Finally)
Duffy Swiftshadow
Added the cooldown clause I forgot about to the Terms & Conditions.
Woot! I checked out the Demo Spreadsheet. It is super legit. smile

Official Ambassador of Canis Castrum
Duffy Swiftshadow
As it's recently starting to become more relevant we've updated some phrasing in the Services and ROE portions along with some clarifications and additions to our Terms and Conditions.
Pretty cool. An admirable way to handle agreements and lessen misunderstandings. I have a Lawful streak that can appreciate this.
Virtute et Armis
Duffy Swiftshadow
We try, hopefully we can work out any of the kinks before things get too complex or suddenly scales up.
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