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New Character Classes/Races: A Matter of καιρός

Ryan Dancey
I'll agree that tweet is pretty unclear that I mean that once we start with new roles we'd like to do them every couple of months. Sorry for that confusion!
Appreciate the response and clearing that up.
A member of Ozem's Vigil, home to servants of Iomedae and her coming Paladins.
Saiph the Fallen
I haven't played in a bit, just curious are cloaks in yet?

Hats, Circlets, Hoods and Helms yes. Boots gloves cloaks etc … no.
Some hats not in yet.
Crafting! Gathering! Monster Killing! Exploring! Politicking! That's us in a nutshell! Ranged Attackers, crafters and gatherers come join the Holy Magicks company based out of High Road. Our main motto is "Death Thru Superior Fire Powers!"
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