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Remote name could not be resolved

The remote name could not be resolved ''

That's the error I keep getting as soon as I click on the Pathfinder launcher icon.
Caldeathe Baequiannia
This is often seen with local DNS issues. You might wish to try using a public DNS like Google's
To reach me, email
Is it wise to change to google public? So far my ISP had proven to be quite fast and effective and works with any game except this one, which I find odd.
If your current DNS is working then there's no reason to change it.

If your current DNS is broken, the public Google servers are good.
^This is Dak (Charlie George). RIP <Guurzak>
Ok I changed the DNS to Google and now the game is patching. Thanks
After patching like half way… the problem came back even though it still got the google DNS.
Not Part of Any Conspiracies
Sorry, that's the limit of my suggestions. You could try an email to, but it sounds like a network thing, so I'm not sure how helpful they can be.
Ryan Dancey
We get these issues regularly but really inconsistently.

That error is generated when your DNS system tries to resolve to an ip address. For some reason, for some people, some of the time, that fails. We don't know why.

The DNS system is totally out of our control. In a nutshell, it's a peer-to-peer web where the relationship between a domain name and an IP address is "resolved" by servers we don't operate. If those servers are misconfigured or out of date, nothing we can do can fix the problem.

If you switched to the public Google DNS server and you're still getting that error, then all I can suggest is that your ISP is intentionally redirecting DNS requests to its own server regardless of where you are trying to get them from, and their server is incorrectly configured.

If this were a systemic problem, nobody would be able to patch the client and every user would have the same problem. Since that's not happening, we know it is an issue on the client side, not our side, of the transaction, so we don't know how to fix it.
Ryan Dancey
Another thing I should mention that might help with debugging.

We use Amazon's Cloudfront CDN. CDN means "content distribution network". That's a set of servers distributed all around the world. We send a file to the CDN, and the CDN sends it to the servers, and when you try to access that file, you get the version closest too you. This avoids the problem of a single-point-of-failure, and of us having to provision bandwidth sufficient to handle every single download in parallel.

The Cloudfront CDN effectively makes a unique fully qualified domain name every time we make a file, and then our DNS entry for converts to the IP address of the closest CDN server. So, if you "ping" from a terminal window, you'll see that the result is an attempt to talk to something like "". That is a Cloudfront server, not a Goblinworks server.

This means there's several places where your DNS may fail.

1: The record that changes when Cloudfront gives us a new FQDN so that "" is referencing some FQDN has to propagate through the DNS system correctly. If, between us and you, there's a DNS server that is caching this information to "speed up the internet" and not checking to see if it's cache needs to be updated it may provide an out of date link and the Patcher will not be able to resolve the right IP address.

2: If your ISP is blocking or degrading Cloudfront for some reason (perhaps they're being spammed or DDOSed by Cloudfront based attacks or attacks they attribute to Cloudfront) your ISP may be interfering with correct translation of the DNS to the right IP address.
You could have the client cache one or more valid numeric IP addresses in a persistent settings file which is updated at each login, and then check DNS only if none of those work. This would limit the problem to scenarios where the DNS bug is happening AND you've changed all your IPs since that client's last login.
^This is Dak (Charlie George). RIP <Guurzak>
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