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7.2 on Zog

If you have a chance to check out 7.2 on Zog, let us know about your experience here. The most important things to report are problems with 7.2 that don't occur with 7.1, but it would also be useful to hear from those who checked it out and didn't find any problems.
So, I have access to the Test Server now. Unfortunately I am started with a 1000 EXP character. I didn't expect that.

Are there any guidelines or processes for how to test a broad range of game functionalities within that context? I'll be able to test out core functions well enough I suppose, but what of more advanced features that require a more developed character?
Ryan Dancey
We can give you xp if you are online when we are. Ping me later today via when younare on Zog and I can get you some xp.
Thank you, email sent. I should be on Zog when it comes back up after down time this morning.
I have over 200K XP but there seemed no way, last time I logged in, to access reasonable gear without actually building your own crafters and going gathering.
Ryan Dancey
Email me at and let me know what you would like and I will put it in the Company vault for Goblinville Public Company
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