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"Train" Button

Wood! I get a gold star from RD!

Or a wood star…
Wolf of Rathglen
I was hoping for character trains. This thread sucks!!!

(I could totally handle Kitsune's confirmation notice, we won't always have enough xp for 20 feats at a time).

But then, get ready for the multiple threads of people asking to remove the confirmation notice after every single feat they train.
Hammerfall: Like a waterfall, but tougher.
A confirmation for selection is excellent but what about adding a Cancel/Apply option so that none of the feats selected during a given visit to a trainer are committed? A player could select several feats, look at synergies and decide it isn't what they want, click cancel and be back to initial start? Only after clicking "accept" or some such would they actually have the feats committed? Not sure how this would interfere with pre-req requirements though.

*Note: what I'm suggesting is similar to how DDO works for leveling and enchancements.
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