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I Finished the Tutorials... Now What?

So I just recently started a character after getting a VO account, and I'm completely lost. I did the basic tutorials, and get the general idea of training and crafting, but I'm not sure where to go from here. Are there quests? Is there some method of fast travel to other hexes? Can anyone tell me what my next step should be?
Have a read of this!

Also pull the trigger as soon as you are comfortable on joining a player organization. I highly recommend PFU as they are designed exactly for you and players in the same situation as you. If you wanted to you would be snatched up by a ton of other organizations as well and could jump right into the deep end (including by my group, Golgotha, ).

If all that advice fails character ungating is a great way to stay busy for a little bit. Take a solid guess at 'what you want to be' and go get some of the achievements related to it (arcane, martial, divine or subterfuge).
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Feel free to check out What to do in Your First 15 Days from the guys at Pathfinder University.

There are quests, though it's currently limited to finding an NPC that tells you to go kill X number of Y things, and they'll tell you a location that you can almost always find that type of creature. Killing that type of creature elsewhere will count for the quest, it's just a matter of finding them. The rewards are currently limited to some coin, I believe.

There is currently no method of travel other than walking/running there yourself. (Well, that and dying to be teleported to the nearest shrine.)

Pathfinder University holds classes all the time. You can find the schedule here. In addition, many groups will welcome you to whatever activities they might be doing. Down in Brighthaven, we have groups out killing escalations every night and would love the company. Check us out here and join us on Mumble if you're interested or even just want to hang out or find something to do.

Many other VOs are joining up with Pathfinder University or our own Brighthaven Lodge, so you're definitely not alone!
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I'll second Rynnik's suggestion. Unless you're interesting in trying to be a self sufficient businessman, the game really opens up when you join a company and their settlement. Lots of stuff needs doing and settlements are the primary focus of the game's activities right now. Later their will be additional standalone activities, but it may be awhile and you'll still most likely need to join a settlement offering the training and support for those activities.

PFU is a great place to start out while you learn about the game and help you decide where to go when you're ready.
PFO is best when playing with other people..
If uncertain what you want to do in the game, your best option is to head over to thorn keep, take in the sights then continue on to PFU ( head east from marchmont). Folks there will most likely always be able to supply you with something fun, and you will probably meet some folks in the same situation you are in. More importantly you will get a picture of what all play styles there are and which one fits your desires.
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The easiest goal to set for yourself is "Get +1 Armor and a +1 Weapon that match my training". Until you have done that you should not train any Armor or Weapon Feats to Rank 2.

You can get these items several ways:

1: Buy them on an Auction House. Different Settlements have different amounts of activity on their Auction Houses. Ask around for hints if you're looking for a specific piece of Gear.

2: Try to buy what you need by interacting with other characters. Ask if anyone would be willing to sell you what you want and what price they'd ask for that gear.

3: Make it yourself. This is the most complex option and will require you to learn how to harvest, refine, and craft and it will take a lot of XP, but you'll learn how much work goes into the Gear you use and that may help you in many different ways.

To earn Coin to purchase on the Auction House or barter with players, kill as many monsters as you can as quickly as you can. Fighting monsters that are nearly killing you will slow you down - try to find easy prey and learn how to maximize your effectiveness (and when to run away quickly!)
Thanks for the advice.

I see a lot people and guides telling me to "Join a settlement." But what does that mean? How do I do it? Where do I go, whom do I talk to, etc.? How do I know what a good one is? The guides I've seen talk a lot about "big picture" goals, but are light on the details about how to go out and do it.

I'm tentatively focusing on playing as a divine smiting type, and mining/metalworking on the side (based loosely on one of my PFS characters). Are there particular areas where I can find specific resources I'm looking for, or at least where specific nodes are more common? Or is it all randomly generated?

Also, I tried to head south to hook up with the Emerald Lodge, but ran into a glowing blue wall. What's that about?
There's a lot of Coal up in the northwestern highlands. You might consider the High Road Covenant - Ozem's Vigil, etc.

You can click the Tower icon on the menu at the top-left to do a Company Search. Either type in "Ozem's Vigil" or use some of the search filters. Then just click "Apply to Join". It's probably a good idea to try to /whisper one of the leaders.

For example, type "/w Derryn, Hi". Don't forget the comma after the name.
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"Joining a settlement" really means joining a company in the game. You do this by first clicking on the left castle-looking icon in the top-left of the screen. You can then search the company listings by name, settlement, etc. Left click on an entry to view more information like a mission statement, leaders, and current members. You can then click the Apply to Join button. Once a leader accepts your application, you're part of that company.

Most companies are tied to a settlement. This means their reputation doesn't matter to their home settlement's Thornguards, they have a company vault in the home settlement, and the level of training company members can get is partially set by the support level of their settlement. Companies can also build holdings to claim hexes for their home settlement, eventually helping to improve that settlement.

But those are just the in-game mechanics for it. Most people suggest "joining a settlement," but what they're really saying is "Get involved with other players." The game is much more fun, in my opinion, as part of a group. We set goals, farm escalations, respond to distress calls from allies, and gather resources to fuel our settlement's crafting economy. The way settlements are run is entirely up to the players, so governments, goals, and attitude are all dependent on who you're interacting with.

If you're looking for a divine smiting-type in the future, feel free to check out Brighthaven (a Neutral Good settlement). I'm anxiously awaiting the Paladin class myself, but I also know I'm not the only one and some other settlements may support it. As for mining/metalworking, it's broken down into some different skills: mining the ore from rocks, smelting the ore (and other components) into bars, and working the bars (and other components) into weapons or armor (those are two different skills). Crafting (and every other role, really) can take a lot of XP if you want it to, but if what you really want is a mix of abilities, play it your way!

As for where you can get materials, you'll find "mounds of shiny rocks" in most hexes, and you can mine them by right-clicking. What you get from it will depend on where you are on the map, as each hex may have slightly different drops or entirely different drops. I suggest asking specifically for iron, coal, copper, etc. and some players may be able to point you in the right direction.
The glowing walls normally mark the edges of the map. There's an occasional glitch that makes those walls appear where they don't belong (like between you and the Emerald Lodge). If this happens again, try quitting and restarting the game. Usually, when you log back in, the wall will be gone.
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