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Another Report

To Venture Captain Shevala Iorea
Absalom Grand Lodge

Lady Iorea, you once asked me to keep my eyes open for anything of note. I didn't quite understand what you meant, hence this being my first report. I believe it is a true start to what I hope will be a fruitful exchange of events across the River Kingdoms.

To really begin I have to explain a few things. This was in fact a battle of grand scale, changing the scales of the territory in one fell swoop. One thing you must understand is the newly populated River Kingdoms' politics are in their infant stage at best. Powers rise and fall, desperate to find a balance.

There are settlements that do not care for this balance however. Golgotha is one such entity. Continued aggression from the Golgothans led to counter strikes and a drawn out conflict, bordering on a fight of attrition. Their opponents happen to be the very same that I have called brothers. The Everbloom Alliance.

Unfortunately we suffered several defeats in days past. Many acres of land became lost to the tenacious Golgothans. Enough so that we were required to call for aid.

The Everbloom Alliance consists of three major powers. Phaeros, Keepers Pass and Brighthaven. Yet three were still not enough for the campaign we had planned. Mustering what friendships we have gained since settling, our ranks swelled with warriors of multiple creeds. Multiple allegiances.

Foregholm, a culture of my own dwarven brothers and sisters was one of the first. Their hammers and axes proved deadly and decisive.

Alderwag, the crafters of the north, walked out from the shadows of doubt and proved themselves a force to be reckoned.

Ozem's Vigil, a holding of Paladins that know the benefit of divine magic alongside steel stood vigilant despite the threat.

Armies mustered, close to twenty companies given purpose and plan complete, we marched from our homes to deal Golgotha a crippling blow. Twelve mighty towers loomed over us when the hour of battle dawned. Yet even the formidable force of such monuments fell to decisive attacks and unyielding principle. Not a one remains in their clutches. Total and complete victory.

The days ahead promise retribution in turn for this glorious clash of alliances and townships. We must remain vigilant until proper measures can be laid. Thornkeep, the major power in the realm, has declared new rules of engagement to be starting soon. No more unwarranted bloodshed and sacked buildings. Yet we will never truly be free of combat.

I will continue to send you reports as time goes on. I feel that I have yet to see the best of the Everbloom Alliance and their friends. I can only hope I won't wait too long. Now that I have a taste of what it is to feel true victory, I fear I may become addicted.

Your favorite dwarf,

Farr Underr
Phaeros, Keepers Pass and Brighthaven. Yet three were still not enough. Mustering what friendships we have gained since settling, our ranks swelled with warriors of multiple creeds. Multiple allegiances.
This was my favourite part.
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Apologies. I had to make a revision for historical accuracy.
Very enjoyable, my favorite part is OV being a holding of battle mages; where did all their Fighter/Cleics (aka future Paladins) go? smile
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By the way, props to Elsworth Sugarfoot and Nivia Rey for fighting bravely against all these different groups of players last night. I'm not certain whether or not they really knew what they were getting themselves into when they began, but they fought stoically nonetheless.
Apologies! I misunderstood. Another revision for OV.
Thorgrim Foegrinder
Yeah, they were greatly outnumbered and still tried their best. They were able to take out a few guys at one tower before reinforcements arrived. They brought it and did their best, so kudos.
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Congrats on your victory.

Where do you go from here?
So this just happened? I thought I was having deja vu. Exciting to see large battles taking place! I hope everyone involved had a good time.
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Thank you for the correction on Ozem's Vigil smile I loved the report, but was very sad when I read the battlemage thing smile
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