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Bulk Resources, Holdings & Outposts for Early Enrollment v8

Ryan Dancey
A lot of really good feedback about the incoming system for Holding & Outpost Upkeep was provided this weekend and we're making some changes and providing some insights to help you work with this system more effectively.

In Early Enrollment v8 which is now on the TEST SERVER as we prepare to upgrade the LIVE SERVER later this week two new features have been added.

The first is Upgrades to Holdings & Outposts. These structures are crafted as Kits with "+" values from 0 to 5. The number of "+"s a Kit has represents its upgrade potential. When deployed, the structures are 0/+x, and each Upgrade increments structure one unit.

For Outposts, each upgrade increases the amount of Bulk Resources that Outpost produces.

For Holdings, each upgrade applies various functional changes to the Holding. Specifically, the trainers at the Holding "go up in level" and can train and support higher ranked Feats, and the refining facilities at the Holding become active and begin to become more efficient.

The second new feature is Upkeep. Holdings now require a daily provisioning of Bulk Resources. If their requirements are not met the Holding becomes Disabled - trainers no longer provide training or support, the refining facilities close, and Vaults become deposit-only.

Holdings first attempt to meet their daily Upkeep using specific Bulk Resources. If those are not available, the Holding consumes any other Bulk Resource available at a ratio of 4 "generic" resources : 1 required resource.

At each Upgrade level the Holding requires a new Bulk Resource and at the +5 upgrade level, the requirement for one of those resources doubles. Currently the Bulk Resource requirement is 10 units per Resource type.

Simulating Bulk Resource Transport

We have a feature planned for a future update to Early Enrollment that will introduce a mechanism to transport heavier loads than a character can carry. In part the Bulk Resource system and the Upkeep system was designed with the existence of that transport system taken for granted. However, since we have Upkeep in for Holdings before we have the transport system in the game some players are concerned that moving Bulk Resources from Holding to Holding will be an excessively onerous task.

In response we are going to reduce the weight of the Bulk Resources to approximately .25 encumbrance units. This will allow a character with a moderate degree of Encumbrance Feat training to "simulate" the Bulk Resource load that the future transportation system will be able to move.

The weight of the Bulk Resources will return to its original design when that transport system is implemented.

Design Intent: Holdings & Outposts

The intent of the design for this feature is that Settlements will have power levels dictated by how many Bulk Resources they can consume on a daily basis.

Additionally, Companies that choose not to be affiliated with PC Settlements can gain a measure of independence by building and upgrading Holdings - instead of having to manage Settlement logistics, those Companies will manage Holding logistics.

Our intention is that most groups will upgrade their Outposts so that they are producing the maximum amount of Bulk Resources they can, and Holdings will be places where those Bulk Resources are temporarily held until they are transported to Settlements for consumption. The decision to upgrade a Holding will be primarily taken by Companies wishing to operate without a PC Settlement supporting them. Most Settlements will focus on getting as many Bulk Resources produced by Outposts as possible and simplifying and securing the route by which those resources are transported to the Settlement (or to an active market).

The weight and geographic distribution of Bulk Resources is designed to create incentives for Settlements to engage in trade in Bulk Resources. We want it to be very hard for a Settlement to be self-sufficient. Trading for Bulk Resources should, in most cases, be a faster and easier mechanism to meet Settlement Bulk Resource needs than "doing it all yourself".

Those Companies who are focused on operating Holdings at higher upgrade levels will have a reduced Bulk Resource logistical network (because Holdings will consume a lot fewer Bulk Resources than Settlements). Those groups will still have to plan for the need to generate all 5 types of Bulk Resources which means they'll have to trade for those which are hard to get in the area where they operate, or they'll have to manage a very lengthy logistical chain.
Duffy Swiftshadow
Thanks GW, this is a good compromise that will hold things over until we get our increased transport abilities.

Quick question: what exactly do the resource boosting holdings actually do? Is that a flat gain, rating increase, or effort boost?
Seems like a shame you caved on this. Ah-well hopefully there is still SOME pressure to make decisions that have consequences.
Not a member, representative, or supporter of Brighthaven Alliance.
Duffy Swiftshadow
What consequences? In the near future we were getting mules anyways and would just reconfigure back to the more efficient and trade promoting setup…

Amusingly this is only gonna be for bulk goods, we won't gain the ability to move around other items which is another aspect of mules several people are looking forward too.
Ryan Dancey
Correction - ".25" not "2.5". smile
Duffy Swiftshadow
Is that the expected ratio for whenever the first wave of 'transport' features are added?
Ryan Dancey
The transport feature has a base encumbrance of 1,000 units.
Duffy Swiftshadow
What consequences?
The consequence of having an above 0 chance of going down to Brighthaven and interdicting and impacting the movement of bulkgoods at some point? Where there was a tradeoff that if you didn't want to expose goods to player risk you had to decrease production? Instead of now where the massive faucet is going to carry on essentially risk free with hasted encumbrance trained characters. At least mules when they are in should be slow.
Not a member, representative, or supporter of Brighthaven Alliance.
That reduction is to 5% of the previous value?! I expect that will spoil us by being too easy for non-specialized characters.
Duffy Swiftshadow
I agree slower mules are a better solution, but hobbling everyone's efforts and the economy to fit your current hostilities is not a good counter argument. You also now have an actual chance to raid their outposts and carry away those bulk resources whereas you really didn't have a chance before, unless you can't yet do that or mules get in before then.
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