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Help me understand Pathfinder

Hello everyone! I started playing yesterday with buddy key and i love the game so far and i plan on upgrading but i feel like an outcast because i never played Pathfinder game before. Sadly i will never play it because i don't know anyone interested in that type of game but that doesn't mean i cant learn!
So what i need is a few helpful links that will help me better understand it (lore for example).

I would like to use this opportunity to ask Goblinworks developers to update their website with more information about game and universe so that people who never had the chance to play Pathfinder don't feel completely lost.

hi and welcome!

1) You don't need to know Pathfinder or Golarion to play and enjoy the game.
2) …but it makes it more fun.

There are guides for everything to do with game mechanics linked in the sticky post in this forum. For the lore… (great question btw), I know at least a few places to start:

Cheatle (leader of Brighthaven/TEO) gave a talk for Pathfinder University about lore which is on

Pathfinder/Golarion wikis: start reading about the River Kingdoms and follow links from there. (The PFO map is set in a part of the River Kingdoms, along the Crusader Road).

If you are insterested enough to pay $9.99 just for the lore (I was), there is of course the official Paizo campaign setting. There is at least one book set in the River Kingdoms too.
Foxglove - of Pathfinder University (PFU/Riverbank)
Silkworm - of Phoenix Industries (TEO/Brighthaven)
On these boards I never speak for TEO, only for myself or PFU. Contact me if you want to hold a guest lecture for PFU
Thanks i will check it all out smile
I know i dont need to know about Pathfinder but it seems like 95% of people want to roleplay so i dont wanna ruin it for them at least if nothing else smile
Duffy Swiftshadow
Some additional lore based features will start appearing eventually, in particular you'll want to pay attention to the Gods and their alignments along with the factions that are native to the River Kingdoms (Thornguard, Hellknights, etc… )
Ryan Dancey
That's a good point about Pathfinder lore in general. We maybe do need to write a little "here's what you need to know about Golarion" PDF.
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