A few times though the reason was game bugs and hitting/killing people in party rather than deliberate PvP smile Most commonly it occurred from wizards hitting me with AoE and me auto-targeting them with halfdraw.

Now admittedly I have a small holding which made the banking/power issue a lot less relevant so the only real downside was having to accumulate XP and wait till the rep recovered.

Point was it was annoying but not a game breaker. It seems to me a viable choice for a company to cycle its members through neg rep and take turns recovering. Possibly it needs tweaking - I am just saying it COULD be a lot harsher with for example influence loss or T2 feat support loss coupled in. Longterm it has no effect it is just inconvenient.

The real issue is not the rep system, it is that the planned mechanisms for legit small gang PvP like the SAD mechanic have not been implemented.