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THE Thank You Goblinworks Thread

There has are always complaints about how some features have not been implemented. This thread is where you can feel free to post the top improvements to your gameplay since day one. Let the community know how far we have come, and the devs can see what most people appreciate and get a better idea of what we perceive as important features

My top improvements

1 company/settlement vaults
2 crafting from/ to company vault
3 pvp targeting improvements
I told Lisa directly when she came to visit, but thank you for making this game. No one else is offering the depth of crunchy goodness paired with the choice to play in whatever style you choose. No one else is offering an MMO experience with the look and feel of Wayne Reynolds' artistic vision. And no one else is letting us not only peek behind the curtain but to live behind it during development. Each and every month there has been new and awesome stuff coming in the patches, even if they bring bugs as well. I honestly feel that experience is worth paying for.

My top improvements

1)The addition of holdings and outposts allowing us to personally shape our world.
2)Company/Settlement vaults and the ability to craft to them.
3)All the little graphical cleanups that have gone mostly unnoticed since I started in Alpha back in August.
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Duffy Swiftshadow
While we might not always say it or necessarily imply it very well, thanks GW. We're still here and we don't plan on going anywhere, keep it up.
Thanks, Goblinworks crew. Your efforts do not go unnoticed.

My Top Improvements (that I haven't seen mentioned already):
1. The target info display at the top of the screen
2. Adding boulders, fanes, inns, and abandoned buildings to the terrain
3. Deity-specific divine weapon attacks.
Caldeathe Baequiannia
I don't think I can narrow it down. Despite my regular poking about the things that bother me, I've been enjoying myself since day one, and every update has added something cool. Some things that I recall more than others are the landmarks and rocks that made the world more interesting, and the same for the outposts and holdings that have served to differentiate the hexes from each other, but there have been dozens of little things that each added a spark. And speaking of sparks, I don't remember whether it was EE or Alpha, but the appearance of the flames in lanterns and campfires was another real step-up.
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Thank you, Goblinworks! My favorite three improvements so far are:

1. Limiting auction house entries to items for sale in the auction house
2. Crafting to/from company and settlements vaults (and having the vaults)
2. Escalation tweaks that are making them viable to control/enjoy with the current population of players
Thanks, Goblinworks. Watching (and participating in) this project as it goes from an inspiring vision of a "sandbox for the rest of us" into a fun and engaging game has so far been a good and entertaining (if bumpy and at times stressful) experience so far, and I look forward to its continuing evolution.

My top list (though there's others pretty close too):

* PvP targeting changes (especially "everyone is flagged in an open pvp hex"smile
* Settlement/company vaults + crafting from them
* Thornguard AI changes
My top list

Honourable mention to the new legible colour scheme in EE8 smile
I dislike the Mini-map's new entity marker colors
along with the Colors for enemy entity names, as they are harder to read and see.
Khorvak McTiernan
Thanks G-dubs for letting us be a part of this game. You guys catch alot of flack and may not always feel appreciated…but you really are.

Like Cal said I can't narrow it down to a few specific points. It's more of an overall feel of growth and progress.

Thanks!! smile

ps: @Azure_zero, this is supposed to be the positive warm fuzzy bunny thread…mini map complaints are two doors down on your left.
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