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what are you looking forward to seeing

1. rapiers (*that look like rapiers)
2. sabers
3. star knives
4. Klar
5. beveled steel shields
6. Scimitar
7. kukri
8. Falchion
9. thrown weapons (knives, axes, stars, star knives, short spears)
10. aldori dueling blade
11. double weapons: quarter staff, double sword,
12, Two handed axe
13. Punching dagger, Katar
14. Shield crafting with choice of holy symbol emblazoned (able to cast divine spells with a shield instead of a wand)
15. wearing holy symbols as a necklace
16. Swords (*as an arcane implement*)
17. Cestus (close weapons)
18. Wielding Weapon with a reverse grip
1. Tabards
2. Settlement banners
3. back packs
4. cloaks (*and cloaks with hoods*)
1. Alternate "Footpad leather" that is MATE BLACK. not dark blue, not Fuzzy Blurple, a freaking real jet black.
And most certainly, no Turd brown complete with lumps and groves… I mean Really art guys? WTF is up with that?
2. For that mater, more customization options for armor Such as Extensive Gloss RED PAINT, and so forth. Maybe apothecary can make paints?
Tink says Stab
Working melee combat.

Working charges.

Buffs that work over hex transfers.
Tink quivers in sheer euphoria as the dank memes course through his fedora
Lisa Stevens
Buffs that work over hex transfers.

I think you should see this in EE8 tomorrow morning! Glad to be of service! smile

Lisa Stevens
Working melee combat.

This may actually also be in EE8. Check out this from the release notes:

Temporarily increased melee range to 5 meters (with additional increase for greatsword and greatclub attacks to 5.75m, spear attacks to 6.5m, and proportionate increases to Charge attack ranges). This is to test whether significantly increasing the range fixes some of the difficulty of successfully completing an attack in melee, and may be decreased somewhat after establishing a level of success (as it's likely to look weird in game at this range). We welcome your feedback on the forums as to the feel of melee attacks after this change.
Eyraphel Teralyn
1. Paladins
2. Bastard Swords
3. Ragathiel
4. Angels
5. Aasimar
6. Wings (even if they're just cosmetic)
7. Halos?

8. More flowing combat. It all feels so stiff.
9. More options for attacks on all weapons.

10. Better objectives to fight over. (Sieging holdings/outposts. Dungeons. Gushers.)

11. The realization of my pipe dreams.
1. Dungeons
2. Gushers
3. High-capacity transports
4. Full (working) implementation of Freeholder/Expert
5. Enchanting
6. Divine bow attacks

7. More players joining the game.

I recommend you edit your title to "what are you looking forward to seeing (art department)". smile
First Elder Durin Steelforge; Leader of Forgeholm; Founder of Steelforge Engineering Company

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Well its posted in the art forum but many simply ignore the forums and follow the "latest posts" link at the bottom.

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