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Starter gear available from PFU at Thornkeep

I have started stocking Thornkeep with starter gear and gear for newish players. This is in addition to the stockpile located at the University Commons and is being offered as a service for new players during Paizocon. The gear is being stored in the bank and can be withdrawn by any Pathfinder University faculty member. It includes not only the standard monster drops of starter weapons but also some starting level armor and some +1 melee weapons (sorry - I can't make bows). I will keep adding to the stock over the weekend. If anybody else wants to donate to the stock it can be given to any PFU faculty member or whisper me in-game.

Have fun,

I have added the following items to the PFU company vault at Thornkeep:

Acolyte’s Battle Focus +1 (5)
Acolyte’s Battle Focus +2
Acolyte’s Elemental Focus +1 (15)
Acolyte’s Elemental Focus +2
Apprentice’s Charge Staff +1
Apprentice’s Charge Wand +1 (3)
Hunter’s Longbow +1 (5)
Hunter’s Longbow +2
Hunter’s Shortbow +1 (3)
Introductory Holy Symbol +1 (16)
Introductory Spellbook +1
Introductory Spellbook +2 (3)
Steel Dagger +1 (4)
Steel Greatsword +1 (3)
Steel Longsword +1 (4)
Steel Longsword +2 (5)
Steel Rapier +1 (5)
Steel Shortsword +1
Steel Spear +1 (6)

These can be withdrawn by any PFU faculty member and are available for new players who need something slightly better than starter gear.


(sorry - I can't make bows

I can. I'll see if I can bump up those numbers for you when I get home.
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