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Crowdforging - Is updating Blogs a Bad Idea?

Caldeathe Baequiannia
In my opinion, this:

Early Enrollment v8 Release Notes
We continue to update the Holding & Outpost Blog to reflect the current evolution of this feature.
is a bad idea. Blogs should be mostly static after they go out, only correcting significant errors. If there are additional features or additions, the blog should have a note and pointer that there is a newer version of the blog. Expecting people to know that they should go back to a previously published blog entry to see what if anything has changed is way over the line from good communication.
To reach me, email
Ryan Dancey
Blogs are linked across the internet. By changing the blog, we ensure that all those links point at fresh content.
Caldeathe Baequiannia
That's fine for someone who's never seen the info before, but would be just as easily handled by a line at the start saying "This blog has been superseded by newer information in [link to new blog] which wouldn't expect existing users to remember to check back for changes to something they read weeks ago. Especially when you aren't updating other blogs (which also have all kinds of outdated and erroneous information in them) only a small subset (or one?).

A separate category of "Reference" posts, rather than "Blogs" would also cover it. People expect Blogs to be a snapshot of today, not an updated reference that they need to go back and check repeatedly.
To reach me, email
Duffy Swiftshadow
Eh, it's way easier to just keep a single location up to date instead of jumping between a bunch of links. As someone who randomly searches for older patch notes from time to time having to find the 'right' version would just be another annoying hassle. In terms of collecting information I hate it when you have to find the new superseding information somewhere in the random timeline of blogs.
Cal, I agree, but I believe it should be handled inversely. Instead of your recommendation of the old blog being updated with a link/pointer to the new, superseding information, I would recommend instead:

Sure, go ahead and update the old blogs, Ryan. But when you do so, post a new blog - even if it's only 1-3 sentences long - notifying the public that new information has been added. Preferably pointing out the changes, but I suppose that'd be an optional step if time is of the essence.

I believe, personally, that it would be foolish to silently update old blogs without any notification. Blog posts are, indeed, intended to be static by their very nature. Without notification of new information, this practice is almost as bad as trying to go back and edit old forum posts and claim, "that's what I said all along!!". It's dirty.
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