This may go in multiple threads.. and as always just my thoughts not those of a group of settlement.

I have very strong feelings about company hoping, it gives players a choice in what they participate in. it gives them flexibility . it should be allowed always and should not be limited.

The 2 arguments against it that have been brought in many threads (

1. The influence cost being manipulated
2. Meaningful choice in company selection.

In regards to #1, I stated this in the bug thread a few days ago. Influence as described to me a non leader by the devs. Influence is stuff I do in game, it earns points my leadership spends on doing stuff. It is not a currency I have control over and really doesn’t affect me playing the game.

A system that limits a player participating in game activities based on when they are declared is not healthy for keeping players in the game.

PvP currently drives the game , most everyone I have heard from has stated at some point some PvP encounter was the most fun they had in the game.

In order to participate in events like this without rep loss ( the way they are intended to be held) from now on is to be part of the companies that feud. Having any sort of limitation set up because of a influence concern is just plain wrong. We need people to see that these battles could perhaps be the best part of this game. We don’t need to limit participants based on an influence concern .
As to the second thing I hear the most.. company choice is a meaningful thing you somehow degrade that choice when you company hop. Your settlement choice should trump your company choice every time unless you’re a mercenary company and then you need the adding mechanic to work well anyway.. ( also what happened to being part of three companies..?)
Anyway going to say it again, people should be free to move into these conflicts at any time. They are probably one of the best things PFO has going for it, don’t put up roadblocks in participating in them.

Discuss the cost of feuds all you want but quit trying to put a negative stamp on the company hoping! Having limitations on who can fight is great for micromanages but for the player who logs on and is told a feud fight is going on but they can’t come help without reputation loss , is a real chance to be one less person logging on in the future..