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Company Vault Permissions buggy

I had a Recruit in a Company that couldn't deposit into the Company Secure Vault. I double-checked the permissions and Recruits should have had Deposit permission. I had the Recruit triple-check, and the Vault window showed them they had "No permissions". I had to promote them.

This used to work.
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Fanndis Goldbraid
Forgeholm has issues with the permission settings also. When you change permissions for the settlement secure vault (changing the radio buttons, but promoting a character) the other settlement vaults disappears from the UI. Aussiedwarf was fighting this issue for a few days and we had to change some of the permission systems, and promote, then demote characters so they could get access. That is a terrible workaround, but the only option we could think of to get mats out of the different vaults.
Ryan Dancey
You cannot change Settlement Secure vault permissions. There is no UI element for them in the permissions window.
Either you can change them or the default is "wide open" from settlement manager down to banner company recruits. If there is no such default setting and they do not start "wide open" then no one would be able to use them at all except settlement leaders.

I think that what I just wrote makes sense….?
Virtute et Armis
Caldeathe Baequiannia
The defulat (currently) is Wide open.

Anything you put into the Settlement Secure vault can be withdrawn by any member of the Settlement
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Lee Hammock
We are doing testing on this currently as it looks to be a thorny bug. We are working on a fix.
WxCougar of KOTC
For us, only a few select people can access our Settlement Secure. Only two of our company's leaders/officers can access it, the rest of the companies leaders can't.
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Virtute et Armis
Fanndis Goldbraid
This bug has caused some serious concerns with unauthorized withdrawals (as you can imagine) and it makes the vault permissions system useless until fixed. As long as things are made right it should not be an ongoing issue.
I have received report for two recruits that they cannot deposit in any but their personal vaults despite having Deposit Permission for the Company and Company Secure vaults. One got promoted and had access restored.
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