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First Feud!

STOP PRESS: Doom! feuds Bloodstone Swords

At the insistence of Elsworth Sugarfoot, Golgotha's premium crafting company bravely fueded the GMs while they are away at Paizocon smile

Wondering if this was a good idea, Starchild ponders the wisdom of having feuded the GMs:
Doom! Nightstalkers, evil crafters and bandits, Oh my!
Elsworth Sugarfoot
you do not know how sad I am not to have Nightcrawlers be in the server's first feud. smile I tried to do this yesterday as soon as I logged on, but sadly taking towers generates no influence smilesmilesmilesmile
Well you get the credit for being the ideas man smile

Now go out and kill elementals to earn some influence….
Doom! Nightstalkers, evil crafters and bandits, Oh my!
Those evil Golgothans they better not kill that group and force them to quit the game …
PFU Hoffman
I even tried to help you find Lisa but no luck.
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Elsworth Sugarfoot
Was Nivia's idea.
Nivia Rey
I demanded we feud the devs, i would have been pissed if somebody else feuded anybody else first.
Lisa Stevens
We are honored that you choose us to be the first feud. Unfortunately your feud coincided with the PaizoCon meet and greet. So we never got a chance to test out our God characters against you. smile

Some day, Stevens. Some day. *Shakes fist*
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