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Cold Start Experience

In order to test the "cold start" experience I did the following experiment:

1. Started a character
2. Did not visit the statue (so all achievement requirement were in full effect)
3. Used less than 1k xp to train skills
4. Ventured into the wilds solo with my trusty two-by-four and not so filthy rags

I feel the club is a good choice for the initial started weapon as it is fast enough not to make you want to tear your hair off while trying to melee. While you obviously cannot pull everything and expect to get away with it, you could quite easily deal with most of the pulls available in the immediate vicinity of Sotterhill and even deeper in the wilds you could still manage as long as you were careful.

Stealth seemed to work fine as even untrained you could get pretty close to mobs which was useful both for rushing archers and harvesting nodes.

Drop rates for starter weapons seemed about right as you are not guaranteed to immediately get what you want but as you keep plugging along sooner or later you either get it or at least get something you should be able to trade.

Once you get a ranged weapon and train some skills to use it everything obviously changes. I went with a longbow and the only mob in the vicinity of Sotterhill that I did not dare to try (and successfully defeat) with the starting longbow and in the starting rags was a red ogre shaman up in the hills (as ranged spell damage is just a killer). However, everything else seemed totally doable (even solo) as long as you are patient and aware of your surrounding.

After a few hours I ended up achieving fighter 4. I do believe that the achievement requirements are about right, and should go fairly nicely hand in hand with the experience gain (for a fairly casual player at least).

Overall I have to disagree with Ryan as I did not find the "cold start" to be scary at all. If anything it is a nice way to introduce a new player to the game with a limited number of skills while at the same time allowing very clear and immediate progress once you get some proper weapons. With any kind of group it will obviously be a breeze.

Now, if you could only somehow manage to make the melee (particularly with the slower weapons) somewhat bearable…
Wolf of Rathglen
"I shall stand here motionless absorbing eight different attacks and sip my latee as I wait for my next Cleave to come up."
Hammerfall: Like a waterfall, but tougher.
Lol .. as I sit here sipping my coffee totally relating to this except as a spell caster I'm waiting for the spell that works with the effect I just triggered to become available.

It does get old "spamming" a few fast/quick spells because of cooldowns on the ones that you really want to use. No good idea on how to actually fix this though since spamming the second spells would be overkill.
Wolf of Rathglen
It's not even that I want the secondary attack to be available sooner, I don't, that's part of the balance.

I just wish there was something useful I could do (that doesn't consume stamina) to help myself while waiting for the stamina to come back to use a primary-secondary combo or something. A guard position, an offbalance-the-enemy to attack slightly slower maneuver, something suitably small to reflect 0 stamina usage but keeps me engaged for the 2-3 seconds until the next feat I need is ready.
Hammerfall: Like a waterfall, but tougher.
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