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training beyond 8?

So I've got my armorsmithing up to level 8, but I don't belong to a settlement. Is there any way I can train to 9 without joining one?
Ryan Dancey
You have to Join a PC settlement if you want over level 8 training.
This limit exists for ANYTHING; classes, Gathering, refining, and crafting.

If you want a Relaxed group that lets you get the support of a PC settlement, but solo about doing your own thing, the HighRoad Covenant has a group in each of its settlements that support that form of game play.

You can check us out at, or in mumble (download from here).
Mumble Address:
Mumble Port: 3093
Hi jtsquish,

You are welcome to come hang with Ozem's and Friends on our TeamSpeak a few nights. See if we are compatible when/if you decide to join a company or settlement. We are mostly on afternoons and evenings.


SERVER PASS: pw is prophecy50

I suppose that we would be considered a medium size settlement yet on the small end of that range. You will be pleased to see the great coal fields we have and the nearness to many types of metals.

The most terrible problem that our crafters have is waiting to level and learn the recipes we give them. smile
Virtute et Armis
Quijenoth Starkiller
Callambea is a Crafting Focused Settlement just north of Marchmont. we offer level 11 training currently.

If you would like to know more, please check out our website or contact me ingame (I am currently leaving my alt Vidarok in game for whispers if you want to chat)
Quijenoth Starkiller Viceroy of Callambea
Company Leader of Beyond the Grave -
Crafting Planner
If all you need is a settlement - try out the Free Settlers in Emerald Lodge. They give you pretty much the freedom to do as you please and we currently have training up to level 11.
As independent settlement we have good relations with all neighbours and you don't risk unnecessarily being dragged into conflicts.
We do have 3 smelters in town able to do T2 smelting. As free settler it would be your responsibility to get the raw materials but refining won't cost anything beyond material.
We also try to help as much as we can - but as Free Settler you wan't to be likely more independant.

Off course full EL membership is also an option. That comes with more direct support.
Thod/Theodum are the OOC/IC leaders of the Emerald Lodge - a neutral settlement in the center of the mal that tries to the first to explore the Emerald Spire - should that part of the game ever become available. We have a strong in game and out of game relationship with the Pathfinder Society.
We welcome both hard core players as well as casual players with or without tabletop experience. We have a strong group in Europe and are slowly expanding into the US. We are predominately PvE as our neutral political stance means that we tend to use PvP only in self-defence. We are not anti-PVP - but expect limited PvP opportunity with us.
Tink says Stab
Tink quivers in sheer euphoria as the dank memes course through his fedora
Thannon Forsworn
Canis Castrum has one of the two best stocked Auction Houses in the game and centers ourselves around crafting while remaining neutral in the grander scheme of PFO politics. We are currently capped at training level 12 and have significant supporting refiners and crafters working daily to bring goods to our auction house and fill special orders. If curious you can use any of the methods in my signature below to contact me.
Thannon Forsworn
Master of Trade
Canis Castrum
Heh, I knew just by the thread title that I'd see no less than 2 or 3 recruitment attempts. I was not disappointed.
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