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Could not connect to

As the title says. I run Windows Vista 32 bit and was able to successfully play a little bit earlier this morning. I come back home from work to try playing again and also after using the sticky for 32 bit users. After a long loading, I got kicked back to login screen and now I'm not able to login because of the Title error in red.
The server is down for Maintence now,

I'm also nearly done a Guide for 32-bit windows users to get more resources for PFO.
Oh that explains it. Also thank you. Will you be including info for older system users such as myself?
The Guide is for 32-bit versions of; Win XP, Vista, Win7, and Win8.
Win2k might work with the guide.
Vista is the OS I use. I'm looking forward to your guide.
I'll be releasing a Guide for 32-bit Windows users that should fix the problem, and free up more resources for PFO.
It'll be released in June, first Via a video File, then Youtube.

The HRC will be getting the first view on, so I can fix things before public the major release.

And there are beneficial side effects for using the guide, and they will be mentioned in the video.
If you want there is an Early version of the guide up on for now.
It'll be updated and fixed a bit more later, included next to the video file is another guide for PFO.
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