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Best way to raise str?

Hello everyone i am trying to get to 11 str so i can buy unbreakable lvl 6 but i was wondering what feats give most str per xp or in other words how to get to 11 str with minimal xp investment?

I am using 1h sword.
Duffy Swiftshadow
Crafting is the best option in terms of XP for Stat Points (a bit better than six new attacks), if you plan on sticking to only one or two weapons I would suggest Armorsmithing or Weaponsmithing. If you like the idea of being able to change your weapon I would suggest adding more fighter weapons to your repertoire instead.

Armor feats, BAB, Power, etc… generally add some but not a lot, try one of them if you are reallllly close.
Your feature (polearm specialization, bow specialization etc ..) will give you the best strength gain. just my opinion..
Goblinary listing for Str:

Use this old spreadsheet for the easiest info imo:

It is out of date now as the author is unfortunately gone but it isn't out of date in a way that will change the answer.

The quick version is str based class features will be the most 'exp efficient' but will probably be what you would consider wasted exp.
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Duffy Swiftshadow
Feature to rank 4, Armor to rank 5, and six attacks to rank 3 should get him to about 10.8 strength. Can either learn three more attacks up to rank 3, another feature for two or three ranks, or throw in some crafting to make up the last few points. All depends on you definition of 'wasted', I tend to recommend crafting cause it's a queue you can always use independent of your combat setup and if you make it available to your company's crafters they would certainly not mind having the extra queue around if you get it to a useful level eventually.
I love you guys tons of useful info!
Yeah, Features are really great for raising ability scores in general, as the XP-to-ScoreIncrease ratio (or whatever you'd like to call that) is very high. But gaining high ranks in features is currently near useless, thanks to [my current understanding of] the EPro/EPow problems and expendables.

But that imbalance will likely change someday, and I'm sure Features will get some additional love later-on also.
Expendables work. the Epro/Epow work just fine on the spells/manuevers (or they don't seem to have anything wrong to me), It's Utilities and Consumables that don't work with Epro/Epow

EDIT: I misunderstood something. Same message, just had to change some wording.
Yeah it is the utilities/consumables that are broken not the feature/expendables as far as I know. Some individual features (like Strength Domain) are broken but that has nothing to do with EPRO/EPOW.
What is Epro/Epow?
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