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P2W Concerns

I keep seeing people at other forums complain about PFO being P2W. I thought that meant stuff like exp potions, speedy mounts, gear that gives you mechanical advantages, etc. Is that the case? The only thing I can think of people buying so far in game is small-holdings–are they unique in functionality? Can you craft something like a smallholding?
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Caldeathe Baequiannia
Other than not being destroyable, and being moveable, they are functionally no different than Holdings, which can be easily crafted. At the moment, they are not even as good in the respect that the holdings offer company vaults and are accessible to anyone in your company at any time, while smallholdings are only accessible to you or anyone in your adhoc party, while the party is up and you are in the vicinity.
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They are probably talking about the way you can build up XP in EE.

On a number of forums people are making arguments which cash out to something like this:

1) I am too tight @ss and stingy and/or too broke and/or mum will not pay to sub to a game in early entry
2) other silly people are stupid enough (unlike me who is clever) to pay to sub early and are gaining XP
3) when i finally decide to sub those silly people who sub early will have 12 month head start
4) hence despite being naturally awesome I cannot be awesome and rule the server instantly if I try and be stingy and sub later
5) therefore the game is pay to win
Caldeathe Baequiannia
It's true that there are some people out there that think paying to play an incomplete game will destroy online gaming. You can't argue with people's opinions, though, only facts. Arguing with opinions is an exercise in frustration.
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Ryan Dancey
There are two (maybe three) people who are sock-puppetting that message because they know that most readers will take the claim at face value amd look no further. Sucks, but almost impossible to fight.
Quijenoth Starkiller
Naming if the feature is my biggest concern… I posted this in another thread sometime ago…

I actually find it easier to think of it like this…

I treat actively doing stuff that earns you achievements as XP in its traditional sense. So you need 10 arcane XP to gain arcane achievement 1.

I treat the PFO XP system as education. you earn 100 points of education / hour that you can spend at trainers.

To me that feels more natural.
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A lot of players want a game to be fully developed and everyone at equal level at the start. It's a preference that's neither smart nor silly.

Players who are in from Early Enrollment have an advantage, but they're paying for it. It's a preference that's neither smart nor silly.

There's a marginal element of truth to the pay to win claim. Marginal. The advantages of the earlier entrants starts to level out over time. Come in with 10-20 friends and those advantages disappear quickly.

I also think many to most of those claiming PFO is pay to win have no interest in joining the game.
Duffy Swiftshadow
You guys seem to be focusing a lot on the Early Start, which is one of the occasional complaints, but the big 'P2W' accusation I see is complaining about the Store. Even tho the items in it are mostly trivial, just the fact it exists seems to send people into a tizzy.
I get the impression from some folks that anything that isn't "free to play" is automatically "pay to win".
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Stilachio Thrax
Unless everything is free, and you don't have pay a cent to play, someone,somewhere, will scream P2W because real money is involved. Usually the screams come the loudest from those who refuse to realize game companies are businesses, not charities, and feel its unfair they should have to pay money to be entertained by the work someone else has created.
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