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P2W Concerns

Caldeathe Baequiannia
Everyone wants to have the best chance at success, which is how we crawled up out of the muck over the last billion years. I think it likely that for some there is a measure of disenfranchisement. For people who have little but time, anything where time spent isn't the primary component of success is a threat to their success.
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Tink says Stab
People claim that League of Legends, one of the most competitively viable games on the market, is pay to win. Some people say CS:GO, perhaps the most competitively viable game on the market, is pay to win (because cosmetics!)

Some people are really stupid. Some people like to have a scapegoat for when they get trashed by "less skilled" players. There are very, very few truly P2W games on the Western market, and PFO is far from joining them.
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Ryan Dancey
This particular individual (individuals?) just repeats the same mantra on every thread - that having a box price, a subscription, and a cash store is "greedy", and that it implies, even if it is not in fact, a "pay to win" mentality on the part of Goblinworks, and that no matter what the current conditions are, greedy immoral companies like Goblinworks ALWAYS convert to "pay to win", so it doesn't really matter what the facts are, the inevitable future truth should really be revealed to the clueless and abused public.
Tink says Stab
Stop trying to profit off of your hard work! Gawd, you would think we live in a capitalist society or something.
Tink quivers in sheer euphoria as the dank memes course through his fedora
Stop trying to profit off of your hard work! Gawd, you would think we live in a capitalist society or something.


But seriously, some people don't understand that this project costs a lot of money to make. And while Goblinworks has plenty of private investors, they don't have the financial backing/history as companies like… Blizzard, for example. Our subscription fees are going towards this game coming to life sooner, rather than later, and at a better standard of quality than it would be without.

And I know you know all this, Tink. I'm just regurgitating it for "the masses" that may be reading silently.
Maybe its just Andius.
IMO it is very much a case of a few pissed off ex-customers, waving torches, and following PFO around the internet. There is good discussion about PFO going on inside threads and people are definitely interested and starting to take a look in my opinion and experience.

Anything broadly flagged as being about PFO directly though is going to draw them in like rabid moths to the fire of 1,000 suns.
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Maybe its just Andius.
Maybe it's Maybelline…
There are also going to be people who just didn't hear about the game as early as us and feel left out of the perceived front-runners.

I can empathize with that because I hadn't heard of the game during the land rush, and thus I don't control a settlement. I easily have enough MMO gaming friends (just on my cell phone) to have "won" a settlement in the 2nd landrush.

Many of the current settlement owners are nice, and a few are clowns, and most of them are doing a very good job (considering how few players they have to work with) but I don't perceive any of them as being more CAPABLE of settlement leadership than I am. They just got in on the ground floor before I had heard of the game.

So there are going to be MILLIONS of MMOers who feel like that about passive xp AS WELL AS Settlement ownership.

It is unavoidable, though. GW simply didn't have the budget to market this game for EVERYONE to hear about it at the same time. How can you blame anyone for that?
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