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P2W Concerns

Fanndis Goldbraid
A lot of players want a game to be fully developed and everyone at equal level at the start. It's a preference that's neither smart nor silly.

Players who are in from Early Enrollment have an advantage, but they're paying for it. It's a preference that's neither smart nor silly.

There's a marginal element of truth to the pay to win claim. Marginal. The advantages of the earlier entrants starts to level out over time. Come in with 10-20 friends and those advantages disappear quickly.

I also think many to most of those claiming PFO is pay to win have no interest in joining the game.

We were equal at the start of Early Enrollment. The trailblazers (that's all of us payin' EE folk) are gaining XPs, and the watchers are crying foul. For $30 they could step into the ring. Some are checking it out. Others are pissin' all over PFO because they have nothing better to do. Same posters on pretty much every game forum. The numbers are low, but they are a tenacious lot.
Well Keepers Pass is still growing and most of our new members are either friends of existing members who saw the game and liked it and immediately signed up at KP to be with their real life friends or new players who came in through the 2 week trial's and liked the concept behind the settlement.

I do not think any of our new players subbed because they read about the game on an MMO forum.

As far as longer trials go, the current PIAZOCON bonus deal (if it is still valid) lets a 2 week trial be extended without any box price. Seems to me if you have a friend on a buddy trial you could sub them for a month at no cost to yourself (as you would get a bonus month sub on your own account for them subbing) and give them a full 6 weeks to play the game effectively for free.
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