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Azlanti Stones

Have to admit to being a bit disappointed by this announcement of Azlanti Stones in the new veterans rewards blog.

I really don't understand what these are supposed to add to the game at all. I am not reading into the system any sort of interaction with other game systems or the economy. It doesn't seem to stimulate any sort of interesting player decision making when, "having one and equipping it is always better than not having one."

I don't know but when I heard rumours of this from Paizocon I was really hoping for something that added a bit more depth to the game rather then this sideline mechanic which seems to broaden the gap between new players and veterans without actually bringing an advantage to the game with it. At the best this seems like wasted dev time.

And I really hope none of the bonuses on them are move speed. smile And the other two announcements seem pretty cool for what it is worth.
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Tink says Stab
With only a basic understanding of how they will work, I do agree that I'm not quite sold yet, and I say that as someone with a day 1 subscription. I'm willing to wait and see, but so far they sound a lot like something I'm going to have to convince new players that they aren't a competitive issue.

Honestly, of the things in that blog that concern me, the month long events are way higher on my list. I don't see the point of developer time being wasted on time limited events. Maybe it is using developer time that would otherwise be wasted anyways, or the technologies being developed will be cross applicable. Who knows. I would rather the PvE we have be improved to "better than a chore", honestly.

Also; exclusive items? Like what? Any exclusive item drop I can think of either costs a lot of money (art assets), or will infringe on the already shaky in game economy.
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Caldeathe Baequiannia
As long as they take durability hits, they shouldn't become a long-term issue for new players, should they?
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Tink says Stab
If they take durability hits, and they have 20 durability, and they only spawn once a month, then they are even more a waste of developer time.
Tink quivers in sheer euphoria as the dank memes course through his fedora
Caldeathe Baequiannia
If they take durability hits, and they have 20 durability, and they only spawn once a month, then they are even more a waste of developer time.
They shouldn't be so valuable as to cause new players to be upset, which is the concern you expressed. If they are worth having, then whether or not to carry and equip them on any particular venture will be another choice to make.
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Brighthaven Leader
I agree here, sounds like a lot of time spent else where, unless they have been planning this for awhile and already have assets in place. To be honest, I hope this monthly event doesn't push us like the escalations do, we already have several T2 escalations in every section of the map that are being battled.
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At the best this seems like wasted dev time.


Edit: actually, pretty much everything Rynnik said, come to think of it.
The entire blog, I was thinking "this is where developer time is going?". The Azlanti stones, sounds like a better option for players to craft and slot. Let us screw around with combinations to our hearts content, make us waste resources figuring out which stones can mix with what other stones, how to get what we need, etc. It promotes players spending time playing the game, not passively getting a bonus for simply subbing a game.

Limited time escalations? Really, Goblinworks? That is where you are going to put developer time? Not new systems that are desperately needed, or new classes, new skills, new item animations, etc, but an escalation we'll see only *once*? That is an incredibly foolish waste of resources that screams of a themepark game, not a sandbox, and certainly not one that isn't even feature complete yet. If PFO had all its features in place and you had spare developer time, then certainly do something like this. But to waste time on this as we wait for actual gameplay features to get made? Are you aware of how wrong that is?
I don't think that we should tell Bob to do nothing because other people have work that is higher priority. Goblinworks staff time is not even remotely fungible.
Where is the announcement thread for this blog? smile Anyway, the Crusaders at will be all over the Veteran Reward system no doubt. I know we have decided to discard them as just a couple of sock puppets but GW sure is giving them ample ammo.

I was sortoff with the Azlanti-stone system untill I came at the very end where it was made clear that you can not simply trade these stones to a newer player who can then utilize them, since you need to have those veteran levels too if you actually want to be able to slot them. At first I figured, "hey, if we can trade these stones, this may be a way to spread the early-bird wealth a bit with newer players". But now these new players will be forever looking at a slot in their paperdoll that will contain a lower level item then people who have come before them.

I think this will feel more as "being behind forever" then the XP-gap. (I still think the XP gap should be mollified by flattening the curves and allowing players to reach tier 3 caps of a specific path in much less time).

The second feature seems to be a case of having too few coders and modelers, that are al looking at a huge backlog of work while the game-designers are starting to idle?

The last feature is much needed: away with those slackers and hoggers of perfectly fine settlementspots!
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