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Order of the Angels of Light (NE) - Secret Society and Criminal Syndicate

Baron Malthius
After the trial of Baron Malthius had concluded, it was clear that from this point there was no turning back. Those who wished to remain in ignorance of the true will of the gods and their intentions for this world would perish once The Order's True Patron makes their presence felt in these lands. Those who would be more likely to heed The Order's message would be those society may mistakenly call "evil" and some of these other groups are the kind of people that The Order would like to see grow as they rebuild their ancient society. Nevertheless, their message must remain open to all who wish to hear it, after all, they wish to have their deities tolerated, so they should allow for certain other atypical deities to be worshiped in their lands as well. Out of their new home at Hope's End, they shall shine as a beacon to all. To any who have any aspirations or ambitions that the rest of civilization would otherwise shun them for, The Order shall be their guiding light in the darkness of society's false beliefs. Should they wish for protection from the persecution of society at large, The Order shall be their guardian angels, provided that they obey the tenets of our society and alliance charters.

Concept: The Order of the Angels of Light is a PvP, PvE, and trade based secret society that is heavily role play oriented. We strive to help foster evil alignments that are role played well and the establishment of an honorable criminal underworld in the PFO world. In addition to growing economically, we will look to translate that into political power in the long term. While we prefer to work behind the scenes and help other evil groups flourish, we are more than happy to throw down in PvP and get our hands dirty should the situation require it.

The Order is also an organization dedicated to having characters pay homage in game to various Pathfinder deities. We wish this to be a place for players to be able to openly worship the deities we accept and also be able to role play aligning themselves to any non-good deity. Even though mechanics for specific deities are not in just yet, we would like to introduce that lore into our role play now.

Varying levels of role play are accepted. We will allow members to determine whatever level of role play they feel comfortable with as we encourage everyone to role play and have an active part in the lore of this organization.

Patron Deities: Nethys, Callistria, Norgorber, Asmodeus, Zon-Kuthon, and of course, Our True Patron.
Other accepted deities: Any other neutral or evil deity other than Rovagug.

Leadership: Theocracy. The Order's leadership is a strict oligarchic hierarchy led by the Assembly of Thearchs. These Thearchs commune with Our True Patron and they alone know the fullness of the secrets The Order keeps. The Assembly, presided over by Grand Thearch Baron Malthius, are primarily a group of IRL friends, but is not exclusive to them though. Should one wish to delve further into the true nature of The Order, the gods may someday deem them worthy enough to enter the ranks, so there is room for advancement.

Alignment: The Order is NE, but we are accepting of any non-good alignment. We prefer that our players be within one step of our alignment (LE, N, NE, and CE), and if anyone does wish to play a more chaotic alignment then contact me first either in game, on the Paizo forums, or at It will be necessary to obey the laws of both The Order and the charter of The Aeonian League in addition to promoting good fun and honorable gameplay. Disregarding these things, regardless of alignment, is considered a grave sacrilege. Sacrilege will be punished, and possibly quite severely in particularly egregious cases. After all, even evil has standards.

Roles: Any and all roles are welcome. Even though we do put a lot of emphasis on PvE and PvP, allowing players to choose their own role and how they wish to contribute is just as important.

As a member of Hope's End and the Aenonian league, merchants and crafters will have ready access to the markets of Canis Castrum. Prospective PvP and PvE players will also get to work with other companies at Hope's End and help support them in their endeavors and goals as well to whatever extent we are able to do so.

Contact: Baron Malthius
Settlement: Hope's End
Alliance: The Aeonian League
Good luck with this Baron!
Lisa Stevens
Btw, the secret is out! No more secret society! :p

Baron Malthius
Lisa Stevens
Btw, the secret is out! No more secret society! :p

It's like the Freemasons though when you think about it. Everyone knows they're around, but no one has any clue what really goes on in there smile.
Baron Malthius
Lisa Stevens
Btw, the secret is out! No more secret society! :p

It's like the Freemasons though when you think about it. Everyone knows they're around, but no one has any clue what really goes on in there smile.

Sounds a lot like Goblinworks… smile
Baron Malthius
An update…

As we receive new players (initiates and IRL friends of mine as new Thearchs), we are definitely looking forward to some role play to officially welcome them. Make of that what you will. smile

We certainly would like to see others who would be interested in our Order to come and delve into the mythos that comprises what we are truly about. If interested let me know in game or via email for more information. As part of Hope's End we are also taking part in the recent increase of activities that both our settlement and the League as a whole are doing. There is definitely more work to do down here in the southwest and we are more than happy to welcome anyone else who wishes to join us and help out.

For the new players out there, we are establishing a company bank up there as well with items to help players out to the best of our ability. It can be used until they are ready to make the move to us and set up their permanent home in the southwest. We want to be able to support our new initiates beyond what they get from their starter packs if we can.

So if interested let me know and I can give you what you need to make an informed decision. If I am not available, ask for anyone else from The Order or even our settlement.
Baron Malthius
As our level of activity continues to increase both within the company and at Hope's End, we are still looking for more people to become initiated into our Order. Contact either myself or anyone else from Hope's End for more information. Get into the darker side of role play and take part in our…activities.

Baron Malthius,
Grand Thearch of the Order of the Angels of Light

My name is Zekojlocar (Zeko for short) and I am proud to say I am an officer in this esteemed company.

Now you may be wondering, 'what sets this company apart from any other in the game?' Well, not only is it part of the Aeonian League, a band of wonderful settlements and companies that form an alliance that range from Lawful Good to Lawful Evil alignments, but we, meaning the Order of the Angels of Light specifically, roleplay!

'But,' you say, 'there are others who roleplay. I can surely join them and get just as much content.'

Not this kind of content.

Aren't you itching to try out an evil character? Don't you want to join the ranks of those Lawful Evil masterminds that always survive, that act as the archnemesis to society while working for its, and their own, benefit? Deep down inside there is something dark and intelligent waiting, wanting to come out and play.

Order of the Angels of Light allows you to free that darkness! We do so in a setting that is kept nicely tucked away among the civilized world, working in the corners of the darkest alleys of the River Kingdoms…and never getting caught.

After all, if we're not breaking the law, we can hardly be punished for our crimes.

So come join us! Be one with a darkness that embraces its brethren, even those that might lie a little on the outside of sane society.

And yes, we do roleplay. What do you think this entire post is aiming towards?
"There are things only the evil can do." - Akio, Utena
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