For Evil I go for selfish.

For Good I go to altruism and sharing.

For Lawful I go for valuing social order and reveling in bureaucracy.

For Chaotic I go for rugged individualism and/or for rebellion against the status quo.

I don't even try to play neutral. It's such a weird nowhere zone for me. Yes, filled with flexibility and possibilities, but I'm just never convinced I'm doing it well, or even that I can recognize it being done well.

I have generally gone with:

* Good - sort of utilitarian, trying to improve the overall "good" in the world for the benefit of all. Often naive.
* Evil - not so much selfish, more wanting to see others fail and suffer for a range of reasons including the belief that progress comes through pain and suffering. (think CODE in EVE)
* Lawful - rule bound, unless other factors override it tending to see obeying the rules as the "right" thing to do, not comfortable unless there are some rules plans or guidelines to follow, hates "winging it" or having no plans
* Chaotic - trendsetter, ahead of the crowd, risk taker prepared to break the rules just to see what happens, high roller
* neutral - two types - selfish taking the option that suits them the most OR the druidic/hippy version actively seeking to maintain balance.