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Calling All Active Settlements/Companies/Players

Tyv Blodvaerd of Aragon
The Aragonian Council, is taking a step back from thinking about our settlement as anything more than a place to train and a bank. Instead we are rebuilding from the company level first. The projected changes for the settlements will make them far too much of a chore / time sink to be worth our gaming time.

We have more than enough materials to build the holdings and outposts our settlement would need. The issue is the game game it will require to do that. Quite honestly, we might be better off trading those resources for certain T2 recipes wwe find most useful for our character's gear needs, and our company's operational goals.
Aragon (CN) a settlement founded on the principles of the River Freedoms: Say What You Will; Oath Breakers Die; Walk Any Road, Float Any River; Courts are for Kings; Slavery is an Abomination; Have What You Hold.

Settlement Focus: Fighter and Rogue Training
Game Play: Escalations / Refining / Crafting / Defensive PVP
The only issue I have with home hexes is the lack of fallow time. Even with this impediment the HRC (with much appreciated help from EoX/Callambea) has active players successfully keeping the T2 home hexes in the NW under control.

Lion hexes with duergar and elementals are the more challenging PvE issue atm imo, but personally I don't think they're boring or insurmountable.
You're right. I'm not a recruiter. Didn't sign up nor do I wish to pay money to be a recruiter. I'm not really interested in win/lose in this game in terms of "wiping out the enemy". I already stated I'm not a PvP kind of guy. I happen to enjoy the holdings/outposts resource allocation etc side of the game. I would love more varied PvE content (dungeons would be nice). I think the elementals are awesome new additions.

My opinion about PFU is not mine alone. I know there are others who think it is wrong and unfair. They may choose to chime in on the subject or not. It's a losing battle apparently (having been fought a few times already I think). PFU is bad for the game. That's my opinion. It's true the big 2 settlements are garnering the new players for the most part, whether through ties to PFU or otherwise. So the game will degenerate into 2 groups I guess. That's a shame. And don't say the HRC is a third group as obviously it is now in cooperation with Xeilias per the above post. Everyone else is pretty much irrelevant.

The other issue of gaining influence by higher level characters has been ignored. I hope someone goes back and considers that.
Xeilias can win the game. It will be the shortest and least interesting MMO of all time. If that's what you want keep going the way you are. If you actually want an interesting long term game start thinking about the bigger picture.

This is funny.
Quijenoth Starkiller
So the game will degenerate into 2 groups I guess. That's a shame. And don't say the HRC is a third group as obviously it is now in cooperation with Xeilias per the above post. Everyone else is pretty much irrelevant.

See its off the cuff statements like this that really pisses me off!

Takasi simply said we worked together on escalations.

Callambea has worked with OV at least twice on escalations, I guess that makes you a part of EoX as well.
Quijenoth Starkiller Viceroy of Callambea
Company Leader of Beyond the Grave -
Crafting Planner
So the game will degenerate into 2 groups I guess. That's a shame. And don't say the HRC is a third group as obviously it is now in cooperation with Xeilias per the above post. Everyone else is pretty much irrelevant…

Your grasp of the obvious is quite apparent from your posts
Good… Bad… I'm the guy with the bow.
I share many of the OP's concerns, including about PFU (even though I consistently encourage players to join). PFU is in a weird place in that people are hesitant to attack it, and yet people want what they have. Their towers, their influence, their ability to PvE in peace, it's a pretty sweet deal.

And the OP's statement about a university not needing a settlement is largely true, (until players outgrow the new settlement skill support).

Eventually, someone will just roll in and take PFU's towers or holdings. At that point, what reason will there be for PFU to be a settlement?

Like I said, I *LIKE* PFU, I send people to PFU, I've offered a class there. But I feel that the OP still has valid points worth discussing. It is hard, though, for me to judge whether PFU's existence is actually imperiling smaller settlements, and whether the blue versus red dynamic of 2 big powers wouldn't still be the real problem.

I am a member of one of those 2 big power blocs, but I have constantly warned that we need to crowdforge just how much power the game should reward the zerg with.
He who wrestles with us strengthens our nerves and sharpens our skill. Our antagonist is our helper.
-Edmund Burke
PFU Hoffman
PFU here…

So I love that everyone has an opinion about PFU, and that means we are probably striking the right balance. As Ryan put it with PVP, if everyone is a little mad, it is probably the correct choice.

A couple of stats/comments, based on recent discussions. I am also going to share all of our internal numbers and people can make what they want out of it.

1. People complain about our numbers growing. Our faculty (PFU Faculty) is 30 characters and represents 10 players. our students represent 131 characters and by most count that is 70 players, of which my GUESS would be 50 are active. About 12-15 of the total count are 'dead' characters (characters that can't be deleted because they don't exist anymore) and 10 or so alts from our faculty so that we can manage the university. The other group that is part of our settlement is the Bloodstone Swords (GW's company). They used to be part of a major settlement but I agree it is better for them to be part of a neutral settlement. That means either us or EL, so they can swap if that makes sense.

2. We provide a VOLUNTEER service. We are players, who make helping new players part of our game play. We like growing our characters, killing things, building things (engineer in my case) and other things just like you (except we only do PVP in classes).

3. There is NOTHING currently pointing people to PFU besides the server itself and our own recruitment. There was discussion at Paizocon of setting up a way for each settlement to have a town crier or the like in Thornkeep but my guess is that is EE 10 or 11.

4. We all pay for our time, donate to the golarion mumble and have also invested a lot of time and money ($1k here).

5. If the server would prefer PFU does not exist, please feel free to wipe us out. The 10 faculty will go elsewhere and either help as part of another settlement (or not).

6. Most of our students either leave in their first 30-45 days or go inactive. Many settlements have offered to help them move their stuff (especially when we were in RiverBank) and that helps. People who hold classes, join our mumble, etc, tend to get more interest from students. We are tracking where students go and it is almost exactly proportional with the current server population.

7. Influence. Our numbers float up and down (as expected). If they did not join PFU and instead spent their first 30-45 days (which is our 'norm', see above) then you wouldn't get that influence either. The players who are inactive don't help influence.
Pathfinder University - A place for new players in their first 90 days.
Elsworth Sugarfoot
Just so your numbers are more accurate: Xeilas vs EBA numbers are usually 6-8 for EoX and 10-15 for EBA. When people really get organized it's more like EoX 15 v EBA 20+
Duffy Swiftshadow
This is ridiculous.

I'll jump on the bandwagon real quick, but these PFU arguments again? Blaming it on lack of tutorials? EVE has revamped their tutorials system 3 times and EVE University is still going strong in that game for I believe at least 5 years. They are one of only things that's actually succeeding at keeping new players invested in the game. Cause guess what, outside of three groups no one has the manpower to hang around all day in the starter areas trying to help new players or recruit them. I know we can't, clearly since you can't get new recruits you aren't either.

So if I happen to talk to or run into a new player who has no idea what they want to do in game, I don't greedily try to snatch them up, they aren't prepared to make any sort of decision yet (helps my particular settlement is a really hard sell for most people). I send them to PFU. Know what I do to make sure I still have a chance at recruiting some of them? Teach weekly classes for PFU and participate in their open activities when I can. They are a great tool, use the tool to your advantage, don't cry about it and try to get everyone to break the tool that they all use and benefits them!

Disclaimer: I have never received a recruit via PFU and still support their efforts.

I was going to now reflect on your other points, but I now realize they were all a build up to attack PFU. Escalations will be toned down soon once the fallow mechanic is fixed, they also just made them far easier to kill off. It's trivial to get enough resources into outposts to cover upkeep for weeks assuming you had at least 5 active players. If you are struggling you clearly have too few people and connections along with apparently no ability to recruit (it's okay I share that same disability for recruiting, tho I seem to have better connections to sustain our little corner).
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