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Influence at Higher PC levels

I think the influence generation system needs revision. In normal RPGs it is the higher level characters that have influence, not the new ones. Higher level characters should able to continue to generate considerable amounts of influence.

It doesn't seem reasonable to me that killing my first Goblin generates the same amount of influence as killing my first Ogre or Dragon. Higher level monsters should generate more influence and have a curve that doesn't diminish as much.
Caldeathe Baequiannia
Higher level characters do/did have more influence. It's just already banked or used up somewhere. In the meantime, they are contributing to the cap, so that new characters stop wasting influence a little later than they would if the veteran wasn't there. I still think we should be able to take a portion with us when we change companies, even if only through the process of breaking a company into two, but I'm willing to wait on it.

Perhaps it would help to consider whether achievements are part of "influence?" By serving as gates, they effectively involve the trainers saying "I will train this person in this feat because they have shown their mettle through their achievements. This other person, I will not train, until they have proven they are worthy of my training time."

I think it's possible to overcome some of the frustrations by just not thinking of "influence" as a real word. It seems that by attempting to simplify understanding of a game system by assigning the close-match existing word "Influence," GW has created expectations and constraints that might not be there if they had said companies build "Ganglengeist," or "Pharasmanods," a measure of the company's capacity and capabilities that is consumed in the placement of holdings and in feuding others.
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"Precise" was already taken. :-)
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I don't care what you call it. The point is a higher level character should contribute MORE, not less than a newbie. Influence is the building block of the whole game system at this point. Companies need influence to place holdings and outposts, which will supply bulk resources to themselves and soon the settlement to which the company is pledged. Influence will be used (as currently iterated) to feud; in other words to fuel the war between settlements, the only "reputation free" PvP. Who will be fighting wars…the newbies? Or the experienced characters? I don't understand the biases in this game about influence. First we have crafters who don't really earn it. Next we have experienced characters who don't really earn it.

The trickle of new players, especially since early influence is lost completely in PFU for the most part, will not sustain the PvP content of the game. Good golly. I'm not even a PvP player and here I am trying to explain why the system is BROKEN.

GW thinks we will all have influence capped all the time. I don't see that in any of our companies and we aren't even feuding. Any active PvP group that wants to feud will eat up their influence at a rate far higher than they will be able to recover it. The only reason there is any influence right now is the influence built up over the first 5 months of the game. This will run out. Without a much larger influx of new players (unlikely at the moment) the game will stagnate because mature players' (most of us in the game on an active basis) earning potential is incredibly small.

Tell me it's not true. Tell me there are mature companies out there earning 50 or 100 influence a day. I've seen feud costs over 500 Influence for 1 hour when testing to see those costs.
This is currently only really a problem for people stuck in the old school "min-max single focused role" thinking. It may in a few years present an issue but there are currently plenty of useful ways to pick up influence if you step outside the box.

Personally however I really like the way it helps reduce the way higher level characters are "special" . One of the biggest problems socially in online gaming is excessive epeen and ego and strutting about and the tendency to encourage people to see their character as some Hollywood style one man/woman super hero saving the world single handed. It is endorsing sociopathic personality traits. I think the fact that PFO is eventually meant to be a large-scale social game where individuals can only "shine" by working as part of a community is a very good thing.
In this game it impossible to be a one man band. The whole mechanics are set up to bring social interaction. It's the best thing about this game and the main reason I keep playing. Changing the influence gained by higher level characters won't change that. Nor will it change the CAP in a company. My suggestion simply increases the influence re-gain.
I am not opposed to tweaking it so higher levels gain a little more. However I think the current system is somewhat realistic in the sense that real life politicians/billionaires/pimps trade mainly on there past reputation/influence rather then continually gaining bucket-loads more.
Caldeathe Baequiannia
The point is…
Your point is. It is not a fact. At least some of the devs, and some of the players disagree with your point. Influence isn't about being fare, as crafters have had to accept. It's an in-game mechanic that, among many other things, serves to increase the value of new players to companies.
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Just going to jump in here for a quicky, quircky, and smart ass comment. Yes I know that I spelled too of those wordz incorrectly.

I would like to see a timed test between a roughly "filled out" advanced character that has already claimed all or nearly all of their "low hanging fruit", equipped as they like and are trained for, vs. a brand new character still wet behind the ears. It would be more realistic a test if the new character was supplied with any and all gear that he/she could make use of. Just as if they had joined a very supportive settlement.

In any given 3 hexes and an equal amount of time, who could gain the most influence points?

Before I go back to my chores, if the influence system was designed in a way that the new players earn the fastest and that is why you want to get new players into companies, like a real incentive to recruit, is it a good idea that they earn the majority or certainly a good part of a careers worth and leave it at the University?

Isn't that conflicting with the design? I am fairly sure that the design came before the University was started.
Virtute et Armis
Tink says Stab
I like the thought Bringslite, however I think that the removal of decimal places in Influence makes it really difficult to measure now.

Why was that removed, by the way? I felt way better grinding for 0.1 influence every so often than not seeing any advancement at all.
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