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Influence at Higher PC levels

Yes, I understand that the coding is a hurdle here. How about this for the Theft from an Outpost: the moment a Company member that has a feud with the Outpost-holding company clicks on the door of that Outpost during the PvP window, it gets a one-time, single chunk of Inf. Can only be done once, no repeat for other company members during that window. Off course you do not need to feud a company in order to steal from its Outposts but still. You could even have the Outpost-holding company lose 1/3rd of the Inf that the other Company is gaining by that action.

Or how about extending this to PvP kills during a Feud, between the feuding members? If you kill someone from the opposing company, you get a nice chunk of Inf and the losing member loses 1/3 or 1/2 of that amount in Inf. That should make for a nice incentive to kill eachother. Make it so that the total amount of INf that can be earned this way is never more then 80% of the amount of Inf that gets lost due to declaring the feud. That way it can not be abused by two befriended companies feuding eachother, taking turns in raking in the Inf.

Though this would give the advantage back to a powerful company feuding a wimpy small company, since they can now easily get up to 80% of the expensive, expended Influence back.

Yes, this is tough. smile
Regalo Harnoncourt, Leader of the River Kingdoms Trading Company, High Council of Callambea.
This is the character that I am playing almost 100% of the time. (Tyncale is my Sage/Mage)
I see no legitimate reason to implement a system for transferring influence between companies.
The sky is blue.
The sky is blue.

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I see several points on influence that somehow, I think, needs to be worked out.

New characters gain influence at a slightly higher rate because the developers want to make new characters more appealing to established companies. Think this is pretty important to the game design.

Logically, one would think the more established character, with skins on the wall, would have the greater influence. Likewise, such characters would be capable of recovering influence over time at a faster rate, which would represent an influence accrual/recovery system slightly different than the current method of gaining influence. Seems tying PVP/Feuding and settlement development to Influence necessitates some mechanism for recovery.

Personally, I think the influence of the individual character should follow the character when they change companies. Likewise, influence of said companies for inactive accounts shouldn't be counted toward the company influence calculation. Others might argue that the success of that individual may have come at the expense of the company by providing time and resources that may not be so easily compensated for. Subject has been addressed in another thread.

So the problem, balancing act, comes from how much influence to put on the side of new characters to keep them attractive to established companies versus a more traditional view of characters with more time in the game and more accomplishments overall having commensurate influence. I think a 40%/60% ratio between new characters and established characters delivers the intent of the developers without degrading the achievements of the players who spend more time in game.
Thank you Tyncale and Wylder for getting the thread back on the track of discussing the influence generation mechanics and its impact on the game.
Duffy Swiftshadow
It's not that big a mechanics problem, seems like more of a tuning problem. Just gotta answer a few questions to figure it out:

Let's assume even strength Feud targets:

How often should a company be able to feud such a target?

Once the baseline influence has been accumulated how much influence needs to be recovered after a feud to get back to the starting number? (Currently 20%)

How much activity should a typical company need to generate that influence?

Is that number fit within the answer to the first question?
  • If yes, then working as intended tho the entire scale may need to increase or decrease depending if they interpret the current levels of feuding as too high or too low.
  • If no, then influence generation is too low or the prices are too high, change whichever is easier to adjust.

Once you have the desired answers to these questions you can extrapolate out the special cases such as shorter quasi-continuous feuds and bonuses for feuding stronger or weaker targets as special cases that should not necessarily be balanced towards the baseline.
Caldeathe Baequiannia
Older characters always have more influence, it's just been used, invested, or left behind in their old company. They still earn influence at the same rate, for passing the same achievements. Why should a mature character earn as much for their 971st goblin kill as for their third? "It's just another goblin, So-and-so's already killed hundreds of 'em." If So-and-so picks up a new weapon, they will earn as much influence for their first strike with it as any new character does. When they kill their first goblin dog, they will get exactly the same influence as a new character does when they kill their first goblin dog. Meantime, they have some influence invested in a watch tower, and spent some more on a feud last week. And they can bring a T2 sword to the fight, and take the goblins out with a single swing.
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Okay, I kinda skimmed through some of the posts in this thread, because a lot of it looked like some sort political bull**** that I don't even care about. So, to address the OP and a couple of the move objective posts in the latter half of this thread:

I do agree that certain kills or some things that are otherwise not achievable by brand-new players should be granted more Influence. Such as killing a dragon. I mean, c'mon, if you kill a dragon, it should reward more influence than a desperate goblin, right?

But on the same coin, it shouldn't be such that "high-level" characters can simply continuously churn through "easy stuff" to continuously generate copious amounts of influence, and that seems to be the fundamentals of the system in-place today.

I agree with Edam's concerns, that companies should not be able to gain influence by doing the 1000xp-Alt thing repeatedly. I kind of like Cal's comment:
Caldeathe Baequiannia
In the long run, I expect that there will be controls. Perhaps characters not earning XP will not be generating influence.
Seems acceptable to me.

And Lee,
Lee Hammock
…and we've got a plan for giving people back Influence lost to bugs.
Good to hear! Some of the best news I've read in the last several days.

…I think more activities should generate Influence and the costs should indeed be looked at. For instance, putting down a Holding could generate a nice chunk of Inf; or a succesfull theft from an Outpost; or the succesful conquering of a Holding could actually give you back a nice chunk of that 20% that you will lose for the feud: that way success gets rewarded while futile feuding for no good reason gets penalized with the full 20%.
Yeah! These sound like great ideas! Why can't we…
Lee Hammock
We definitely want to have more things that generate Influence in the game. The problem is what actions we can detect easily for doing so.

Well poo.

I think ultimately, though Decius is on to something with:
I see no legitimate reason to implement a system for transferring influence between companies.

Why not carry our influence with us? Perhaps when those 1000xp-Alts are deleted, a good portion of their influence leaves with them?

I, for one, am a little upset that we can't take our influence with us. I though the original design was that we could switch companies, all the influence is "lost" and then over the course of like a week it would come back and be present in the new company? What ever happened to that - I thought this plan was brilliant!

I say that, because, ultimately, I plan to leave the company I'm in and start a new one with my tabletop buddies. They all want to play and bought-in on the Crowdforger Guild package, but they don't want to play the game in its current state. Once they begin, though, all of my character's Influence will have already been spent elsewhere.

I guess that comes back to the argument of whether influence is a spendable/consumable resource or not… But that argument has apparently already happened somewhere else.

So, I guess the next best thing is, as Decius said, allow us to "move" or reallocate some influence - especially when splitting into a new company.
The sky is blue.

In PFO it is often not.
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